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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Inspired and Forgetting Sarah Marshall

It's actually two (2) different thing. I was watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" movie earlier and I'm speechless. I mean it's not a bad movie, it's just that I think they showed lotsa nudity in this movie LOL. But for a dood to cry like that in real life is just too funny. I mean I'm not saying a guy could not cry like that it's just that for a man to be crying like that is just @_@"" I have no word for it. But know what's the best part? The OST!!!! It's the best! I love it! Opps, sorry, I skipped about telling you guys what the movie about. It's about this dood, Peter Bretter who one day finally got dumped by his actress gf for 5 years, Sarah Marshall. It's about him trying to find ways to forget her and finding new love in life and new career. It's interesting really! XD But overall I give it a hmm 3.5/5 coz I love the OST hehe. Seriously too much nudity (in other words, f@rking scene) @_@""" Oh yeah, about the movie, click here.

I guess I was sort of bored that I feel like going out of the house to search for bugs. I'm still not handling bug shots well with DSLR, no I still don't have a macro lens *cries. And my slight paranoia of encountering a serpent *paranoid. Anyways I took some shots of my mum's flower and some sunset shot. Well coz the sun was setting at that direction. So, here's the outcome.

Give you some kinda halloween feel no? Just adjust the shutter, ISO and aperture. And this is what you get.

I did some other test shots.

Ogie. Comparing these 2 shots. I actually like both. Why? The left one coz I love the water reflection, though puddle a bit too small XD

Shot on the right, I love the color. Those shots are original photo. I just resize it. So which is the right color that time? Hehehe.

Anyways, I'm done with today. I'm gonna shower now. Pleasant weekend peeps!


  1. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Hey, Teacupperlongskirt.

    The three song you sent me? I found Aloha Sex Juice's cover of More Than Words to be a bit gay.

    Okay, too gay for me.

  2. Panja hahahahahahha...panja dun like it noooooooooooo XD *rofl~

  3. I dunno lah... I haven't seen the film yet, but from the 'making of' the story macam a bit the bodoh lah... Hehehe I don't really like watching movies like this.

  4. lol it's a comedy, it's meant to be silly XD