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Saturday, November 01, 2008


I've received my black + red kebaya that my sis helped me order from ebay. I love it! I'm planning to get more but I'm running low on cash this month. *sigh.

From my previous post, the kebaya I bought, click here. That one is Thai Silk, this one is Casa Rubiah. I got my eyes on another 2 but I can't afford it this month coz I got my eyes on other stuff, miniatures!!!! *sigh.

Oh yeah, if you're interested in getting em, here's the ebay store. The shop name is idamanboutique.

We're gonna have another steamboat session at home yay! CSP forum is still down *sigh T_T


  1. Hi, kebaya is nice dress. btw, salam from Indonesia. I've give u award, see on See ya...

  2. LOL kay~ i should model all my new clothes? XD lemme find a proper wall in my room...or else it'll be the cupboard with a surf poster XD