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Friday, November 07, 2008

No Kambing?!

I'm not slowing down on my blog post, but I've been bz playing Maple Story with my brother (cubex) and I've been blog hopping. Notice I've made my blog roll short? Don't worry, everyone's link is still there. Oh gawd, I need to check all those links. Some links are dead and some have duplicates. My bad.

Oh yeah, I think these are new quest but the monsters seems to be easy to hit for me.

King Clang quest.

Stumpy quest.

Halloween quest. I got 4 mask! Sad, Happy, Angry and Cry.

I met Joey. Sophelia's brother?

I turned into Sophelia GG.

On another note. We went to eat Dumplings and Satay Kambing last nite but there weren't any Kambing?! Nooooooooooooooooooooo T_T Nooooooooooooooo *cries. No satay kambing *cries.

So, instead, I had 5 pcs of dumpling coz my sis wanted to share and er these cheese filling balls? @_@""" Oh yeah these are at Sri Selera Kg. Air (next to GSC).

chicken filled dumplings 10 pcs for RM5

what does this balls called? It's filled with cheese and seafood, RM8.50 for 6 pcs

the taste is just ogie. I mean it could taste better, though the only thing I could think of about this er balls is the cheese filling

On another note, fara and some of the CSPians people are planning for a Junk Yard/Garage sale. For more info. on how to participate, click here. Thanks.

Was suppose to play Runebound with uncle last nite but cancelled T_T *cries. Oh and acing I wanna play new boardgame! *cries. You lied, to me your best friend of all time *cries. LOL I'm exageratting, coz I haven't bug him in months. LOL. Please don't hate me XD

And that's about it for today.


  1. That game looks tooo cute!

    As for the balls, they look yummy. Where's that place?

  2. perry: hahahahahaha yes the game is so cute XD oh for the balls, it's at sri selera kg air, the seafood place next to GSC? and the stall name is o eat shi? I think. Hehehe. They sell those ice cream goreng tu