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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Yet another steamboat weekend

I seriously thought that our steamboat session suppose to be around lunch. I was dead wrong T_T *cries. I waited for fewd since breakfast and mum tells me we're moving steamboat till dinner. Noooooooooooooooooo *cries~

Well, I actually planned to skip meeting today for Garage Sale at a sis's friend's house. But erm, I don't really have a choice hehehe. *sweat. So I followed my bro to the meeting instead. Hehehe. Anyways, I had lunch there at KAC but fewd wasn't that great.

We went home around 6pm for steamboat. Again, my sis, Tina prepared the soup. Same flavour, chicken and tom yam soup. My sis was slightly angry coz I told her the tom yam lack of taste, she said lack of paste heheh opps. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say it but it's not like the taste from our 1st steamboat session hehehe. I was slightly disappointed actually. And not forgetting there's this tasty fishball that ran out of stock *cries.

Anyways, before I start with the fewd. Here's a shot of one of my cat, Bambi. I sometimes call her Bambers XD don't ask me why. I called her Bambi last time coz she's the youngest out of 4 siblings hehehe.

Here's the fewd.

Oh not forgetting, I've made a new recipe. It's called "Corn TEA!" LOL~!

Ogie, not really, I sort of dropped that into my tea @_@"""

Family photo and other photos, here.

We went to 1Borneo to play Air Hockey. Hehehe~ I hurt my finger again. *rofl~

That's pretty much it! XD


  1. yay!!!! Steamboat is nice!! And i love a tom yam soup too..
    Bestnya dapat makan ramai2 nie.. :)

  2. yeah but doing it every week is a bit too much dun u think? XD

  3. yeah yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!... great family activities.. after get married i seem like to stay and eat at home.. maybe this is why my mum ask me to get married before... hahaha she wants me to stay at home often

  4. aj: LOL XD ada urang jaga di rumah ogie bah tu XD

  5. oh your cat is such a darling!! just dropping by.... love steamboat too! :)

  6. we just had steamboat dinner for my dad's bday. but what lacking that day was the steamboat pot. i had to use the pot yg can fill 2 whole chicken in it. next mau cari lah ni...

    i forgot corns! no wonder, ada something missing during the dinner. LOL!

    corn tea?..i wonder hows the taste like.

  7. cazzy thanks for dropping by, i love cats XD

    chegu: hahahahaha, i love em corns in my steamboat, sweet~ but last week tu steamboat, tom yam kurang paste, cit~ XD my mum got this one from cosway, best ni, use karan then can boil/warm XD kasi on/off bro owez gets excited turning it on and off he sits near it all the time XD

  8. Uaaarrrggghhh...i'm so jealous..:) I wanna have steamboat too. Since hubby is not really into steamboat, i never have steamboat here in Labuan. Only when i want back to KK, then only my family will bring me to steamboat-ing..LOL!

    Well, when will be the 3rd steamboat session. can i join in?? :)


  9. sabrina: I think that can be arranged XD