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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacation: Part 3, Bandung

NOTICE: If you love bunnies, please skip this post. But if you love fewd, please proceed! Thank yew.

Anyways, this gonna be the last part of my 5 days vacation to Indonesia.

This is the hotel we stayed in for 2 nites.

But compared with Ibis Mangga Dua. The fewd there is better. This hotel, the buffet less choices.

Mum's breakfast.

I barely get any sleep after the incident and eating wasn't easy. Mum tried to feed me but I couldn't seem to make myself eat. I manage to push down some watermelons though. So this is pretty much breakfast.

Went off to our destination. Where? Satay Kelinci. What's that? Satay arnab. DUN DUN DUN!

But before we get to the actual fewd presentation. We'll be looking at some cute bunnies. *giggles.

These bunnies are for sale.

Uber cuteness!


Can I is have one of this?

Ogie, since that's done. This part, not for the weak. If you haven't eaten, please skip this post. Or if you have and might get sick, please er avoid this post. Kthxpie.

These are 3 months old "chicken" meat.

I can't remember the taste. Everything I ate was bland. Sorry.

Now that's done. Lets go through the "painful" process. Which actually made me feel slightly better for a moment.

They cut too fast and I was too slow.

I'm sorry to anyone who think this is cruel. But I think this is a fact of life. They do eat rabbit meats there @_@""""

I won't wanna go through the other kind of fewd they have there.

Next, we walk to a nearby stall selling sweet potatoes.

These are must have. I mean it's great. Mum brought some home and I get to eat it when my appetite is back to normal.

Around noon, we went to pick strawberries. Erm, what I don't like about going there is the amount of sellers chasing you. *sweat~ Talking about desperation @_@"""

There's an entry fee, but I couldn't remember how much. But there's horse riding, bungee jumping, kart, fewd stalls, flower stalls etc. Quite a nice place to spend your weekend.

I'm sorry, this is the best I could look like smiling. I mean I'm too depress to enjoy the moment, my sis had to make me smile a bit coz my expression was er way too depressing @_@"""

in the end, we didn't get the one we picked. we bought the ready pack ones @_@"""

Mum got herself "Pisang Keju" (Banana Cheese? Is that how I should translate it?). Anyways, this one, I'm not sure how it taste coz I was sleeping in the van.

Our next destination, Tangkuban Perahu Volcano.

Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano. It is located 25 - 30 km north of Bandung. The name translates roughly to "overturning of (a) boat" or "overturned boat" in Sundanese. Refering to the local legend of its creation. Our tour guide told us of this legend. I think there's a movie about it.

Since it's a holiday at Indonesia. That place is pack with tourist. We only went there for few minutes.

And you can smell sulfur. @_@""" OH yeah, it's not as cold as needing a sweater though. It's just like going to Kundarsang.

This was lunch. Which massy doesn't remember of. I tried eating, failed.

Went to the nursery after lunch.

I slept in the van till everybody gets back.

I think they took quite awhile at the nursery. My mum and the other 2 aunties love plants and flowers.

Went back to the town area and had dinner at this sort of fast fewd place. We had Baso Malang.

I had to share this with my mum. But it's refreshing. Slightly gaining back my appetite but not entirely. Our tour guide was nice enuff to ask how I was doing and was trying to make me eat.

I'm sorry the names of places where we had our fewd. I'll try to post it up soon. My mum wrote it down. I didn't XD

That's day 4.

- to be continued -


  1. @_@ poor bunny??!!! so cruel eh, chicken not enuff meh...huhuhuhuu...

    The pisang keju looks nice..wonder how it taste like??.. :)

  2. i just came back from a holiday in bandung, but didn't hear of this bunny meat thing... interesting!

  3. Amy C: erm, yeah, sate arnab is quite famous there. There's other kuih that is nice but I didn't take any photo T_T so sad

    Simon: I should intro you to my tour guide, she's bubbly and she tells u the history / stories of the place XD so much fun, and she feed us till we bloat @_@

  4. Heard of bunny eating... I even ate... Err... It tasted... I'll stop now.

  5. oh no..bunny?? poor thing...:(

    The keju pisang looks good though and im hungry already pula...hmm ok la time for me to masak hehehe

  6. dino: ehem, it taste like... dun dun dun! XD

    mel: kekekeke ada lagi kuih sedap. but er i sort of forgot to take photo XD

  7. i think i can do the pisang keju..just put cheese on top bah kan...hehehe..n the choc chips...i wonder how it taste?..hurrmmm...

  8. Amy C: I think they bakar the pisang or goreng it first @_@ aku pun inda tau ...i didn't eat XD

  9. poor bunny..huh..kesian laa, but u r rite it's fact of life..kalau suda desperate coz no foods left, kali suma org mkn jg kan.. :(

    yg last pict Baso Malang ka?? weird eh, but it looks yummy..

  10. ruth: yeah, the tour guide said wanna bring us to reptile farm yang they eat *eyes twitching. ewwww @_@ but er i dun wanna go, I scared. Anyways, yeah it's called Baso Malang. Tapi sedap oh! must eat one

  11. I actually think bunny meat tastes better than least, that's what i remember from the one time I've eaten it.

  12. Perry: just dun eat the 3 months old one. a bit keras. I think I remember eating some soft ones very nice

  13. wooots, bunnies ftw XD

  14. ranzie: yesth! bunnies FTW!

  15. poor bunnies. that is one of the reasons i'm semi vegetarian.

  16. @renaye: *sweat XD

  17. Adui, those poor bunnies. Now I know why I only eat chicken meat, bunnies are too cute to be eaten ... :D

  18. Nick: I totally agree. Chicken ain't cute at all XD

  19. I certainly don't mind eating rabbits though I haven't tried it yet. :-)

    And when I actually eat one, I'm gonna shout out loud, "This is for ELMER FUDD!"

  20. @Dan: * taste like chicken XD

  21. I love Bandung. It's so beautiful there. :) Reminds me a lot of Kundasang lah... Hehehe

    Berhabislah you shopping?

  22. rozie: not enuff shopping T_T

  23. poor wabbit! :~(

    it was so uber cute.
    and fluffy.
    and round.
    and squeezable.

    then it was skinned and looked red and...........

    but i bet it taste good.

  24. jacq: ancus ko punya ending ni XD i bet u want some ei? XD