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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where did massy go?

I'm gonna make this into 2 part, it's actually a bit hard for me to blog about it. Maybe I'm lack of mood but heck, I'll just blog about it la since I said I would in my previous post rite?

So here's part 1.

Part 1 is about my 2 days in Jakarta.

So where did massy went to last week? I went on holiday with my mum and 4 other people. Some I can't mention who hehehe. Those who know, just keep a hush hush aight. It's a 5 days trip to...


Indonesia so big la massy, which part of that country did you go?

Ehem, Jakarta and Bandung.

I've been longing for a holiday for the past 2-3 years. Been complaining so often about it till my mum decided to go with me for a holiday last week. Ehem. Expensive/accommodation is on my own expense. Ouch. There goes 1 month salary. I'm literally reach "broke" level. Thank gawd I still got some back up money till my next salary.

My flight was on Friday (the time I auto set the previous post). Arrive at Jakarta around midnight (Malaysia time). Why so late? Air Asia = always got delay one. Jakarta is 1 hour later than Kota Kinabalu. F. Y. I.

I can't help myself but to take a shot of this. Translation is owez funny

I'm curious why on the way to Jakarta, the Air Asia plane is new but on the way back, the plane looked busted. *weird.

this was day 2 breakfast


Stayed at Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel at Mangga Dua area. I think this is a 3 star hotel. Very nice place. This place has a walking distance to shopping malls. There's this place near there called Mangga Dua Plaza or something, sells affordable wigs, handbags, purses, glasses, shades, clothes etc. I should have brought more $ urgh =_="" not enuff.

I got myself new clothes, wayfarer and afro wig. cheap!

At night, around the area got "Pasar Malam" (night market). Night market opens around 6:30 or 7pm to midnight. Pretty much like the night market here in Malaysia. Didn't get to take shots of it coz I only brought cash that time. Our tour guide warned us about pick pockets.

I bought few hats to add to my collection. My sis were unsatisfied coz I didn't get her the hat I got for myself. I'll take photo with it when I'm free/have mood.

This place is crowded and space is limited. It's not spacious at all. Seriously it's not. I guess it's crowded coz it was a holiday. Since Easter falls on Friday. Indonesia have like 2 days holiday or so. Talking about bad timing.

We've experience the traffic jam there too. Traffic is crazy there! Seriously crazy. I mean, imagine a 4 lane turn into 5 lane. Kowaii desu~ @_@""" It's far worst than here. I won't dare to drive if I'm there. Cars are inches away to each other and the number of motorist is ... *speechless.

Anyways, we had the tastiest Nasi Padang at er I forgot what's the name of the place. But damn spicy. Delicious!

Next time, if I go on a trip, I think I wanna skip lunch entirely. Lunch and dinner was included in the package. Damn heavy!

Went to this batik place, quality batik. Got 3 types of material. Didn't get anything though. But this place is nice.

I asked the driver to take a shot of me but the photo didn't turn out, weird. Alah, I think he didn't press it and I didn't check omg~ bummer~

Went to the Taman Mini Indonesia after that. I don't think this place should be called Taman Mini coz this place showcase the actual house of the tribes in Indonesia and it's human size. That place is huge!

one of the mini house of a tribe. it's not small.

I couldn't get any shot of the others coz it's so far apart and nobody wanted to walk with me *sigh. It's great to have a photo outing there. Many different style of houses but we were traveling by van and it drizzled.

tourist spotted taking photo *cough cough

skinny monkey holding a "Uang Dong" bucket. this monkey also can put on own mask. entertainment = money

Had dinner at Indah Kuring restaurant. Fewd was great.

Oh yeah, I couldn't find any Jakarta or Bandung postcards there. Got Bali postcards only @_@ Why?

So there's about the 2 days. I sort of summarized it. A bit messy though. Sorry. The mood to blog about it is a bit low. You'll find out why in part 2.

- to be continued -


  1. looks like Bali more interesting than Jakarta.. Maybe this is because Bali is an Island more calm whereby Jakarta is city full of hustle and bustle.

  2. boo: jakarta = shopping hahahahah XD

  3. cool wig eh hehehe

  4. greg: thanks kekekek i got another one

  5. wow, you went to indonesia??? omg, im going to indonesia as well on the 25th and will be going to bandung and jakarta. staying at ibis mangga too. LOL.

  6. Meia: go to mangga dua plaza, sana sell those bags/wigs/clothes very cheap. if you go bandung go to the factory outlet. Damn cheap! XD bring lotsa $$ trust me! XD the kebaya yang cantik cantik tu di bandung XD

  7. i've been to bandung.. huhu.. jakarta tak pernah lak.. nex time la..

    waaaa..... enjoy sakan kamu ye!

  8. Jard: bandung ko pigi shopping ka? XD

  9. waaah so fun...more fun shopping!!! XD i wanna go toooo... huhuuuu

    btw, cantik afro wig kau massy!! XD

  10. amy c: yes, shopping is nice when u got $$ XD thanks, i rike the afro wig too

  11. Put the afro on and say "Blog's Closed". XD

  12. Hangmen: OMG *rofl...hahahahahah I'd do something else instead hahahahhaha

  13. You look good with the afro! heh... I wanna go to Jakarta too!

  14. dino: go jakarta shop then go bandung shop also hahahaha XD

  15. Will try and go to the mangga dua plaza! We are on a group trip actually, with lots of old peeps T_T's ok though. i wanna buy lots of stuffs there!!! 8D

  16. @Meia: samalah kita XD there's 6 of us..and 3 of them are old folks XD

  17. ok..where's the nasi liwat pist??hehgehehe..still waiting.. ;-)

  18. @ruth: I thought u'd ask XD kekekekeke