Sunday, August 07, 2011


Hello hello :D

I'm feeling good today.  So long to all the sickness that came last Monday.  No, I did not go to the doctor at all.  I was so sick for the last few days that I lost my voice.  I'm back to my normal health now.  Yay for me!  All I did was exercise, a bit of eating lotsa oily and spicy food during break fast and drink honey tea for the cough.  It works!  I was suppose to get some cough meds yesterday but I forgot all about it. 

So then, I went to check my "medical card" (do they call it that? I don't know hehe), last visit was in 2008 lol.  Okay, I think during that period, I started seriously exercise.  Like a lot of exercise.  I manage to stay healthy for that long zomg.  Yay for me.

Went for shopping at 1Borneo with sis and mum yesterday.  On the way to pick sis from work.  Mum told me to take a photo of this.

So cute. 

Reach 1Borneo went to 1Homeware.  Located next to ToysRUs at LG floor.

I'm liking this place, it's so big and lots of choices.  I nearly went on impulse buying on some stuff.

But I only bought this.

For Mew's razor sharp nails.  I don't mind cutting it coz he already dislike me *rofl.  In a way coz I like to poke his stomach.  Everyone been complaining about how when he goes crazy he scratch you for no reason.  Yes, my cat goes crazy in the morning, jump around playing with the other cat.  *fespam.  He's only cute when he sleeps.  Once, he was grabbing the sofa with his claws, I don't know, it was so funny that I started calling him "Dugong".  I have no idea why though.

Anyways back to shopping.  Went to Brands Outlet, newly open at 1Borneo for the first time.  Wanted to get this thin belt to match with the dress I ordered online.  I went impulse buying omg!  So I saw this cute panda shirt which is selling for RM19.90.  I nearly get it but since I got a pile of t-shirt already, I decided to put it back.  But it's so me >.<

Tell me that shirt is not cute?  IT'S SO CUTE! I want!  But I can't impulse on this.

Instead I got myself that black thin belt (had to add additional holes on it) and 2 new shades hur hur hur.

Went to Parkson after that.  zomg the sale.  I nearly went impulse buying on handbags.  But instead me and sis bought mum a handbag of her choice.  After browsing through so many.  I'd like to think I got a good sense of fashion.  Everytime mum wanted a bag.  I tell her if I'd like it or not.  Most of the ones I showed her, she like it but she dun like the buckle.  But I love buckle on bag!  So cute okay.  And her choices are >.< mum I cannot tahan oh your pick.  In the end she bought this black Carlo Rino bag which I think is cute hehe.  There's another one which is pink peachy color but she didn't wanna get it coz it was too expensive.  Even when me and sis tried to convince her we'd pay for it, she didn't want it.  Okay mum.

I was on mum and sis side, they wanted my opinion on shoes/handbags.  Okay.  Didn't quite have the time for myself.  I nearly wanted to get a handbag/sling bag.  But in the end, I got myself a leather purse.  *sniff!

I actually wanted a really cool hot pink looking like a diary but I hate that button!  It's so annoying.  So I got this instead.  This comes in brown and black too.  But I didn't want black.  I want colors!

Here's a comparison of my old and new purse hehe.

Okay maybe I went a bit impulsy on this one.

Was rushing to pick sis's friend and drop them off at Asia City and went back home with mum.

Oh by now you guys must be wondering why this post is not related with the title.  I'm getting there actually.  So my 2 new shades.  I decided to combine it with the other that I currently have.

Everything is for camwhore purpose except 2 at the bottom left ones which is for daily use in case I ran out of contact lens.  I also took shots of me with it.  Am gonna combine those lol.  Please excuse my greasy face, my hair and overall these vain shots.


Break fast food.

Day 5


Day 6


What's for Day 7?  Parents wanted to go to Sembulan Bazaar Ramadhan, thought I'd go too to take some photos but the current weather is not funny.  I'm doubting it.  Not sure if I wanted to go or not now, we'll just have to wait in 2 or 3 hours, hope it'll be cloudy by then.

Went for a jog with Daniel this morning.  Cross path with a bunch of friends (Fara, Sotong, Marseh, Pudditzing and mune) :)

Today got excuse for not fasting.  So decided to run.  I'm gonna make use of the day.

Look, got free check up.

While waiting for Daniel to finish his 10km.  oTL I did 5km only.

Okay, now I should go showah.  Zomg hot! Need to do laundry too.


  1. Massy, im seriously thinking u're becoming fashionista shopaholic more than you think you are. LOL!

  2. Sis,

    Wanna ask, how you managed to make your photos kicik - kicik and lined up 2, 3 rows (melintanga and menegak) in the same post ??

  3. @chegu: zomg, sejak sudah kurus, can wear anything terus jadi gila. Shopping non stop zomg, I need help.

    @boo: Etto, susun it. I can only put 2 on the same row. Select small size when you click the photo after you upload to blogger. To make it in the same row, you drag it next to the photo you want it to be with. I hope this helps.

  4. okie dokie ... thank sis :D Gonna try it out in my upcoming post.

  5. You sure have loads of shades. :)

    That yellow tee - serious cute, girl! You taknak, beli for me. Kakaka

    Bestnyer tempat for a run. If only I can have a run there too. ^^

  6. @lina: I didn't realize I have that many till I put them up together lol.

    I was contemplating when buying that shirt but since I got a lot I mean A LOT of shirts, I decided to put it back. Yeah there's a number of places to run here. But not all the places are suited for long distance.