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Saturday, September 08, 2007

10th ArtJam and some stuff

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging. T_T Thank yew so much to my loyal readers out there, u guys know who am I talking about!!

7th September 2007 (Friday)

Mum called me to inform that we have tickets for JCI Senators Night on Saturday the 8th September 2007. Guess wut's the theme color? RED! Wadda?! I have no red formal/batik like clothes O.O So as my sis. So, we went to CPS for some dress/formal wear hunting. *hiks~ It's pointless really, we couldn't find anything. Well, my sis did found something but she didn't get it. Actually we went to Wisma Merdeka after dinner.

Dinner was at Japanese Restaurant XD

These are wut I had. Urgh I'm so full~

8th September 2007 (Saturday)

It's Dizzy's birthday!! Happy birthday Dizzy~!

I woke up early, my right eye swollen coz of the belacan I had yesterday. My bad~ The temptation!!!! Went out with mum at 10am. Did some red shopping. Juz for the dinner OMG! I should never ever do dat again! Pick sis up at 1pm, went for lunch, sent them back home, reach around nearly 2pm. Went off again around 2 something. I'm late yes I know. Went to ArtJam at CPS till roughly 4pm-ish. Reached home at 5pm. Went out again after 6pm for the dinner.

I'm supa tired. Here are the shots XD

When I was at Secret Recipe, I had Marble Cheesecake and Ice Lemon Tea XD

miprush been here! XD

I won movie tickets from GoShop! contest mwahhahaha *evil~ Thanks Rina XD

I'll make sure I get group photo in the end of an ArtJam session XD I only have 6 out of 10 ArtJam T_T

Btw, tonight's dinner photo.

today's menu. -_-"

And some short video of belly dancing performance.

Sorry, for this one, when I realize I forgot to change the setting hahahah my bad~ speech were boring XD

1st performance, belly dancing, sorry, the shots are terrible, so uploading the terrible video instead. Yes, short video indeed XD I must eat! XD hungry~

2nd performance, hawaiian? And I forgot to change setting again, but no worries, I fixed the setting right after. So I'm posting 2 videos XD

3rd and last performance, er inda tau

But wut all these 3 haf in common? arabic music + belly dancing + show off belly + and clothes roughly speaking *cough

And 2 song by er ogie I forgot her name, sorry ^^;


  1. Is that half-boiled egg in the first picture??????

    Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa... I just finished my aerobics and now I see pictures of FOOD! T_T Matilah ni.. how to lose weight...

    Anyway, macam syok oh kamurang sana. :D

  2. My God. Japanese Food. I want. *droooool*

    I wanna go back KK oh! I miss I miss I miss!!! *sob*

  3. cin:'s cold half boiled egg XD sedapnya~ opps~ kekekekkeek XD siok? se kepenatan oh on saturday

    acom: kekekeke XD come back! come back XD

  4. oi... i come by for the artjam hoping to torture u pun u lambat show up..

  5. dori: lol i heard u didn't bring sand *cough...-_-" i had something going on..gawd i was seriously tired.