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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Servicing at Perodua

Today I sent my car for service. Booking time 11am. I reach there before 10:45am. Estimated time of service most probably be around 1 or less than an hour or so. But guess wut? I waited for my car till 1:30pm. If I didn't go down and asked them when, they prolly leave it there till 5pm!!! -_-" *cursing. *sigh. Reason why my car was untouched? The person who suppose to service it went to lunch. They lunch till wut time? 5pm? WTF?! I asked for an estimate time oso they dunno. Keep saying sikijap. Sikijap is less than 20 mins duh~ Sikijap my foot la!!! This is hours *cursing again.

-_-" There goes RM147.41 Actually there's more stuff to change/service, but I didn't want them to reach RM200. Gila?! Pokai lor~ *sigh~ I've wasted RM100 for that themed dinner the other day. *sigh~ -_-"

I better stop here for today's post and go eat before I curse nonstop.


  1. why dont u try servicing sana eon lokkawi?much faster and good services..hehhe...i hope they see this so the next time i service my car there,they'll give discount.hehe

  2. haha.

    for those simple2 things, i just change myself. for those need to go under the car.. send to service centre.. dun hav proper car lifting tools..

  3. shana: coz dat place near my house...ehehe...

    dori: i dun change car stuff :P

  4. Owning a car is hell at times isn't it? The first time I ever owned a car I was so happy, then when reality creeped in that I had to put petrol for it, pay the road tax for it, the insurance, the servicing and repairs, all my happiness vanished ... LOL!

  5. nick...i feel ur pain *sigh~

  6. Aduhh kesian kau ya... thats whylah i sold my SLK (Super Low Kancil)... I don't like their service. My Proton Edar is the best there is.

    If you near my house, i can help u at least the normal service, like changing motor oil and filter. :)