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Monday, September 03, 2007

I've Been Disconnected T_T

*sob sob

Yes, you heard me! I've been disconnected! T_T on Sunday.

No, it's not juz me. My sis too *tsk~

Well, the story is, our neighbour, the auntie, asked somebody to cut the trees, yes on a Sunday. And he unaccidently cut all our lines T_T how cruel. She apologized to my mum so many times and said will fix it today, MONDAY! Better get it fix or Mas will breathe fire.

So, guess wut I did for the whole boring day of Sunday? Too lazy to go out. So, I watched "Miss Potter" and "Perfume: The Story of a Murder".

I love this movie. Miss Potter is a story about Beatrix Potter, an author of a best-selling children's book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", her struggle for love, hapiness and success. Yes, I cried when she found out the love of her life died T_T *tsk~ A must watch movie. Yes I love this kinda movie too. T_T I wanna watch it again *tsk~ and cry again T_T

Next is, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Hmm, I didn't like this. It's sick and twisted ^^; My sis recommended me to watch it. Gahhh but I didn't like it. Why? Coz this story is juz twisted. This movie is about Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born with great sense of smell. Well, actually he was born under the fish market table. Omg~ gruesome~ Coz the mother who worked at the fish market gave birth at a dirty place. He was born and the mother hanged to death for trying to kill the baby. He wanted to learn how to preserve smell, so he did, learned it from this perfume maker. Notice his caretaker died after he leave them. Erk~ Gahh, juz watch it la, not for kids, nekkid scenes~ ^^; The last part is juz too weird hahahahah. I'm not gonna spoil everything hehe.

After finish watching these, I went to watch Astro. Repeats gahh!!! I watched er "She's the Man", "Rumour Has It" and "Pride and Prejudice" oh I love "Pride and Prejudice" I could watch it over and over again XD Ahhh piano theme all the way~


  1. Miss Potter looks like a good movie. But I just can't stand Renee Zellweger for some reason. EEeee.. dun like her.

    But I love Pride and Prejudice.. no matter how much Syura can't stand Keira Knightly. I love it! And Mr. DArcy!! hehehehehehe.. i can watch it over and over again. Just watched it last night also! Teeheehee..

  2. shemah: omg, yeah i can't stand renee zellweger in this movie. she look weird somehow...with her goofiness or wutever u call it.

    omg!! me too..i love ehem mr darcy!!! XD omg~ me too..i watched it last nite too XD mwahahhaa

  3. i think i've heard of Perfume before... LONG time ago. or was it a deja vu??? i could even tell what it's all about when my friends started talking bout it. weird... just like POTC, went to watch it but felt as if i've seen it and could tell the storyline odi.

  4. lol yeah it's predictable...and weird

  5. That perfume movie memang bodoh sekali teramat sangat! I dunno how some people can actually enjoy that movie..