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Friday, September 07, 2007


Noiiiiiiii!!! I forgot my bluetooth T_T isk~ can't load photo. Guess I'll load it when I get home *tsk~

Btw, mum had given me her donation card for "Charity Run 2007" ^^"

Which bring some flashback to how we ask for donation during the days. Yes, remember the time when we had those cards? No, not like some kids who dun care about it and not like those who depended on their parents to help them. Me and some frens went knocking on the neighbour's door *cough. Yes we did. It was hard for me, to voice it out, I was shy then, well not saying that I'm not now but yeap, u get wut I'm trying to say rite?

But, the fun of it, I get to do it with my frens and at least I had experience / memories about it.

So, tell me, do any of u guys haf these experience before? And how'd go? Tell me about it, I really wanna know XD

Btw, we're gonna have our 10th ArtJam at Secret Recipe, Palm Square on Saturday start around noon.


  1. bennyliew.com10:39 AM

    Mas..hehe what this artjam all about? :)

  2. bennyliew: it's a gathering between sabahan artist and other sabahan who wanted to attend and brain storm, more like drawing XD get to learn how to draw or practice drawing with groups of talented ppl who wanted to draw...join us XD

    check our forum,

  3. Hehehe.. those kids would be me. :P I remember leaving the card at my mum's office, so whenever her friends/clients came over, she would make them donate. LOL!

    I'd normally be the highest donation collector in my class. xP

  4. Hmm.. the highest collection I did was... RM 14. I passed the card to my dad so he can do that (just like what Cindy did, hahaha). But I guess my dad was too busy to do that, he wrote all of his siblings name and put each of them has donated RM 2.

    Oh dad, I wanna pat your back and say you can do better than that. Hahhahahahaha.

  5. lol cin...siok kan like dat..i remember last time in school there's this girl combined with her buyuk tul!

    saiful: wuah itu barulah...

  6. I was like cindy too. Just passed it to my dad.. and by the time habis, everything was done and the teachers were berry berry happy. hahahha..

  7. WHAT??? u guys semua main pass pass??? T.T

    I had to cari everyone to donate sikit coz my parents were like: "WOoooo this is ur problem dude~"


  8. *rofl wuah...this is ur problem lagi tu XD