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Friday, September 28, 2007

Did u miss me?

The reason for me being missing is that I've been spending so much time, with the forum and playing sudoku and watching TV Series online XD

Yes, u heard me, I watched latest ep of Heroes, Prison Break, waiting for CSI and Grey's Anatomy XD Besides, I went and watch Ugly Betty too. Actually I didn't like it coz I sort of know where this story is going but as I watch it omg~ I can't stop. So help me gawd.

Anyways, almost the whole story but I ended up being annoyed becoz of some noise made by this "pakcik" (uncle) who owez came to the office. Yes, he owez steal our newspaper. We called him "pakcik kambing" (uncle goat) for all that mattered. Well, I couldn't be annoyed coz he was not talking to me, but to the other colleagues but, he was LOUD!!!! Super loud!!! It's so annoying!!! omg~ Besides, he's talking crap, and I have the rights to be annoyed.

An addition to my frustrations, it wasn't 4:30pm yet and it's jam. Well, I got no complaints really except in this jam, there's some stewped drivers. Especially the ones who cut queue. Well not a racist or anything but in this case, I haf to pin-point some typical ppl! Who doesn't signal when they wanna change lanes -_- budu! I swear I won't curse ppl when I drive but I guess I broke that promise. I'm sorry, I can't help it! Some ppl are idiots *sigh~

Today is juz not my day *sigh..I'm juz gonna leave at that. *takes deep breath.


  1. haha!..Mmmbbbeeekkkk~~~

  2. wakkakak mmbek? XD kambing ka george? XD

  3. wow!! bestnya you dapat tinguk all the latest series. My comp this, tgk youtube pun pandai crash! Grrr.. Can't wait to get my own PC/lappie!

    Anyways, I agree with you on the stewped drivers comment. My hubby pun tension betul driving in the jam yesterday. *sigh*

  4. shemah: ar? why can't watch? mo reformat maybe tu XD kekekeke..yes it's super fun to be watching all the latest tv watching some animes XD weeeeee

    yeah~ bikin panas oh the traffic here in kk...time mo dekat raya lagi area lagi aih~

  5. bikin panas betul tu... i hate people who cut into yer lane without signaling.

    so relax ah kau.. hope your saturday ok.
    im off today.

  6. Wah, Massy. Sabar, sabar.

    Speaking of patience, I can't wait to go back KK and see you!! You have to clear your schedule! I don't caaaare!! WAN WAN AND JESSELTON POINT, HERE I COME!!

  7. papa: relax la ni..kebulur~

    acom: no worries..i'll make time.. XD remember i only come back on 16th XD

    kekekek i never been to wan wan oh XD

    we do lotsa camwhoring aight XD

  8. nice new layout! very easy to read.


    Hey I like the shows u mention too... watch them on AXS from time to time... but Heros like stagnated... I still dunno where e story is going ...ekekekek...

    I just joined facebook... see you!

  9. Naomi2:09 PM

    Heya Massy! Very odd for you for not being around updating your blog. Did you watch all those tv shows bcoz of facebook? kekeke... Oh ya, it's actually been nearly 3 weeks odi since i started my shop on the 15th. Sorry didn't inform u earlier. afraid u'r not eating at chinese restaurants. :( but i still serve some chicken sau mai n pau, made especially for my muslim friends n family if they are eating at chinese cafe. there are only 5 types of chicken dimsum at my shop currently, i think i need u to translate it for me. heheh... Sau Mai, Hai Wang Mai, Hai Kam, Pitan Mai, and forgot the other one. last time i did some by myself but it was too tiring. I haven't done the opening yet. see first maybe on the 15th this month? "Fullmoon" for my shop! hehe... Yesterday I did the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT for the Limadangnians, at RM19.90 (the morning ppl said RM20 sounds xpensive). I do the nite shift, mon-fri. wknds n public holidays morning til nite. But the shop become messy when i went to check today. too many things dat r not mine. haha...

  10. i can totally understand your frustration about ppl cutting lanes without signaling!! paling benci oh!! and also benci when signal oredi pun they still dun wanna kasi jalan!! yeesshh!!!

  11. Oh, speaking about people cutting your lane without signalling. Today lagi best. This idiot in front of me signalled to the right, drive as slow as a human could possibly do and then he turned LEFT!!!!

    *mcb* If I was driving a lorry, I would definitely hantam kereta dia. Biar kana surung all the way. Grrrrrrr!!

  12. cuzzie: i oledi add u in my facebook come not in my list de...

    naomi: alamak~ translating ni susah sikit..coz i blur blur oso XD dim sum? my bro would love dat..aiyo..adakah, i eat at chinese restaurant one XD

    syura: omg~ minta puji oh banci oh ppl like dat

    cin:*dropped jaw..some ppl are juz..haihs~ i dunno wut to say...selfish!!!! XD yahhh lets drive bigfoot instead weeeeeeeee