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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Movie Marathon

I know I know, I've been doing a lot of blog skipping lately. It's juz dat, I'm lack of stuff to blog, as u can tell, I blog mostly about fewd. *drools~

Talking about fewd. I bet quite a number of ppl had a miscommunication problem before? I.e. like yesterday. My sis sms me about getting fewd for "sungkai" and I smsed her back telling her that I want the fried rice from OK Chicken Rice at Likas Square. Well guess wut she replied my mum? "Mas wants nasi ayam" adoi~ kuyak. In the end, my bro bought chicken rice from Restoran Juara for us. Adoi~ well nvm la, that will do too.

I was too bored to mapuru yesterday, so, decided to watch movie online. Well I would watch those horror movies but scared I won't be able to sleep XD hahahah penakut~ Anyways, not the point. I watched. Georgia Rule and Sunshine.

Sunshine is a 2007 science fiction film directed by Danny Boyle from a screenplay by Alex Garland. The film follows a spaceship crew in the year 2057, played by an ensemble cast of Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris Evans, Troy Garity, Cillian Murphy, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong and Michelle Yeoh, who are tasked with reigniting Earth's dying sun. An ok-ok movie la. Ogie fine! It's boring. In the end everyone dies! Mwahhahaha! XD Sot. Hmm, I guess I'm more distracted looking at Cillian Murphy XD kekekekek opps~

Next I watched Georgia Rule.
I think this movie is ok too. Georgia Rule is a 2007 comedy-drama film directed by Garry Marshall and starring Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Garrett Hedlund, Cary Elwes, Dermot Mulroney, and Felicity Huffman. The film is rated R for sexual content and some language. Some part are funny hehehe but pretty blend and slightly predictable. Btw, izzit me or somehow Felicity Huffman owez plays this kinda role? O.o?

I'm off watching some other movie then. Or maybe I should mapuru? Hmm, tempting. I want moneh!!!! So I can get the stuff I wanted T_T


  1. i want money tooo!! i've got lotsa stuff i want! :(

  2. wow, movie marathon - i like!

    Actually I wanted to watch that Georgia Rule too, but not sure if it would be worth it. Hmm.. maybe nanti sia beli la tu DVD.

    I want money too!! Banyak lagi barang I wanna buy this. :(

  3. syura: dat makes 2 of us T_T tsk~

    cin: lol...Georgia Rule is kinda ok...slightly lack of something, but it's not's funny XD oh btw, if u wanna save some cash by watching it online, quality some are great but well u haf to wait for it to load..i could recommend u a site XD

    i watch most movies/anime/series there..

  4. Oh yeah, I watched a few series there too. But geram lar, sometimes some of the video can't be played. Not really nice watching some serie and then kena stop because the next one won't load. :P

  5. ahhh i know wut u mean. i keep clicking the link is dead hahahah XD

  6. Have you watch Apocalypto.. MelGibson's film, I just watch last night, punya siok.

    oh! maybe you're not that heavy movie kinda type person. btw the movie was about survival..