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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Water Issue

We're currently depending on our back up tank for water. Our "neighbour" owez come to us for water supply. My mum owez the kind one who owez supply them water. Considering not only 1 "neighbour" we supply water to. I'm owez annoyed if the kids from there come here and shout "auntie auntie" calling for my mother. Too loud. Especially if I juz woke up and I had to listen to dat, I juz ignore them. Since my mum is not around, they sort of came here few times. Even my sis and bro told them dat my mum is not around or we dun haf any water, they keep on coming back. Gawd so annoying. Go get the pipe done la *sigh~ -_-" I think somebody sabotage our pipe hmm.

O.O I haven't do laundry yet coz I can't T_T I'm still thinking wut I should wear to work tomolo. Maybe I should wear baju kurung or my skirt? O.O omg~ the horror. Anyways, I dun really like to wear skirt to work coz somehow, my colleague got a way of asking too much question if I wear different than usual *sigh. Ni lah bz bodies ni -_-"

I had deep fried talapia, kailan fried with garlic and tom yam soup for dinner today. Forget about breakfast and lunch. Coz I had indo mee for breakfast and nothing for lunch hehe.

Why? Coz I only woke up at 11am and I slept for few hours after that coz of a headache -_-"

Yeah my bro is sick too. He got a fever. I think he recovered a bit already.

I'll continue blog in a bit. Somehow I didn't feel like uploading any photos today.


  1. Why la no water? 0_0

    Kesian Nafi. Hope he feels better.

    I hope your headache is better too. 0_0

  2. acom: inda tau oh..ada urang sabotage kali tu teda air T_T woo~

    i got sore throat T_T

  3. massy, I know how u feel... 'cos we have the same problem for 30+ years at my paretns' place... we are so used with the water issue.

    it seems like everyone got a water tanky installed at their place, where I stay.

  4. T_T so to do laundry like this..send for laundry ah? O.O XD

  5. huh!hate when no water..susa mo mandi, masak, n cuci2 apa yg patut..
    go balik kg on saturday, no water till sunday...don't u hate that?nasib got aair kampung(i mean air dari bukit tu, sajuk ow...)

  6. marmalade: wuah...natural water ka? siok oh..we harap air tangki only T_T

    haihs complain again today -_-

  7. maslight: ya..God given pnya natural water...hehe...tapi if hujan susah la..air jd kabut..hehei mean, not jernih

  8. Dont care la what people think.. pakai saja apa ko mau pigi office.. ko punya body not theirs..haha..i hope water supply restore already if not.. then pigi rumah saudara la ni..

  9. marmalade: hahahah i know wut u mean XD bulih se tumpang mandi ka sana? *rofl

    sir george: haihs..u know i kelam kabut go home today but that fellow can't come to check coz it's raining..typical haihs~ -_-"

  10. wah..ko tia mandi la ni mas? ja la besok...

  11. Eh, just wear whatever you feel like to work. As long as you're comfortable with it.

    About that water.. eii... maybe you should make a signboard that says "No FREE water for the neighbors!". :D

  12. zaini: ada air tangki bah!!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks! rumah ko ada air ka..bah se pg tumpang mandi ni XD

    cin: unfortunately, most of my comfortable clothes are not available XD pants but blum cut hahahaha..too long..i'll be like a walking zombie wearing it hehe yahhhhhhhh!!! butul~!!! the water and the road needs signboard. XD

  13. muahahaha.....mas, can ba tumpang mandi...tapi jauh...sana tamparuli...hehehe

  14. alamaks~ XD punya jauh~ inda sempat tu if go work woo...inda pa la..thanks again marmalade *rofl XD