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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Trip To Tawau (Part 2)

14th October 2007 (Sunday)

I was having a hard time to sleep. I got a thing for sleeping facing the door/entrance -_-" I dun sleep well like that. I dunno why, I juz dun. I end up waking up at 1:30am and only be able to sleep after 2am. Weird isn't it? As my 1st nite there goes, I tend to wake up at 6am. There's barely anything to do really. We get ready and went off to the nearby "tamu" at around 7am. We walked there and the weather doesn't seem to change that much really. It's still very very hot.

Crossing the road is so not my thing, I prefer being the one driving rather than being the one crossing the road. Crossing the road is juz creepy to begin with. ^^;; Waited for taxi, oh I forgot to mention that my eldest sis didn't join us coz she have plans with her friends.

I stayed here when I was 10 till maybe 12 or 13 years old XD

We went to check on our house at Tmn King Fook. It's been abandoned for 2 years. Our previous tenant was a troublemaker, the house is in a really bad condition. We couldn't get into the house coz my uncle still haven't gave us the key yet. Dad tried asking for somebody's contact number from the neighbour but end up arguing with them coz they were rude. Mum used to tell me stories about them. How they wanted to rent our house. Mum had loaned them the house key to look at it and when mum asked for the key, they didn't wanna return it to us. Like they owned them. Wadda?! I think they used it as storage or something like that. Without permission somemore. How rude. So, the idea now, is to build a brick wall XD *rofl~

OMG! I juz realized that I didn't take any shot of the pasar gantung at Tawau omg!!!! We went there. Mum bought some "sarong" and some other clothes?

We went to town after that. I dun think there's any success to look for fewd since most of the shops aren't open. We stopped by this famous "kedai kopi" there. Well, dad told me that it's famous coz lotsa old ppl like to "lepak" there. XD They only have cakes. Erk~ Anyways, I only took 1 cup of tea. You know the glass reminds me of my grandparent's house. They use this kind of glass if I could remember it clearly.

We walked to the market after that. We wanted to get some amplang and blinjo (ogie how do u spell this? That's how I pronounce it really XD) While dad settling for his stocks *cough, we went upstairs for fewd. Guess where's the fewd court? 4th floor ^^;; *breathe. Did some camwhoring while waiting for mum.

We "tapau" mee chicken soup for RM4. Went back to the apartment at 10:30am roughly.

My sis's fren came with her 2 children at around 11:30am, I suppose. She's my sis's ex classmate for a long time. Her sister was my x classmate. Mum followed them to meet her relatives while my eldest sis sneakingly send her b'day cake to us. It's funny really XD Oh forgot to mention that it's my mum's b'day the next day, which is on the 15th October, but since mum wanted to share the cake with everyone at the dinner, we celebrate it earlier hehe.

We're going for a family dinner as planned at around 6:30pm. But before that, birthday singing, wishing and cake cutting XD We walked to the main road for taxi. The most weird thing I saw is some retarded ppl stopping by to check on us wadda?! O.O We got 2 taxi. Dad told me about his experience waiting for taxi. He said, my sis should be the one waiting for it and he'll be sitting close by coz taxi won't stop if she calls for em. *rofl~

Our dinner was at Cowie Bay Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant located few blocks from my grandpa's house at Jalan Tawau Lama.

This is us with Aunt Lucy. Mum's friend. They reunited after 10 years XD She works at the seafood restaurant.

Here's wut we ordered.

corn soup with crab meat

baby kailan fried with garlic

sizzling japanese tofu with mince chicken

steamed fish with soy sauce

fried deer meat with black pepper sauce

sea cucumber and mushroom fried with ginger

My aunt Rainah (we call her auntie Inak when we were younger, well we still call her dat) was a bit sad coz we didn't visit her house for raya. That's coz she wasn't around. XD maybe next time. My aunt Sarah took shots of us with her camera phone. I think everyone was slightly blur with all those camera flashes XD

Dinner was fun. We had lotsa chit-chatting and dad with his jokes. Glad to see my grandpa was happy. It was 9:30pm and not leaving the place till we get a decent group photo.

ppl who came. behind from left, lyne (eldest sis), dad, tok mok (my grandpa), aunt sarah (dad's sis), uncle mohd (sarah's husband). front from left, tina (2nd sis), me, mum, nurul (my cousin), aunt rainah (dad's youngest sis), uncle yang (rainah's husband), hamzah, er i forgot my cousin's name oh nois. his name hard to pronounce -_-" thaqik? or thaqim? *garu kapala. the other 3 are relatives hehe

Aunt Rainah wanted to send us back to the apartment but she had to send grandpa back home first. So, we followed Aunt Sarah instead. Another crampy moment. But it was fun! XD

Facts: Normally we call uncle/aunts by their 1st son/daughter's name. Which in this case, my Aunt Rainah would be called Mak Nurul. Hehe. Hence, my grandpa is called Tok Mok

Note: While I'm blogging, mum asked me to listen to sabah vfm at 1:30pm coz both my sis are on air. One is the DJ and the other one is the one talking about SEPA wakkaka this is so funny coz both of them got some kinda "slang" going on.

To be continued...


  1. Ya lar.. one of the thing I noticed in Tawau is that people call you (the elder ones) by your first child's name. They call my dad "bapaknya Kay". LOL!!!!!

    Nice photos! Keep 'em coming mas! :D Syok tengok bah. xD

  2. ya ni post..especially the foood...huahh..lapar hahah

  3. cin: lol bapaknya kay kekeke dat's funnily cute kekekeke...

    mwahhaha i got tons...susah mo select ni XD kekekeke..tulah i put some there XD hehe~ XD

  4. zaini: wakkakakak siok kan my post banyak makanan mwahahha XD

  5. when you ran out of ideas to makan .. maslight punya blog will be the besty way to give you idea to makan

  6. hahahhahaha XD but u can do that with ravejoint oso XD

  7. wahhh.. japanese tauhu!! my fave! everything your family ordered looks like the stuff my family would order too! haha!

    p/s: my dad used to be called 'bapak si tim'.. lol!

  8. to be honest.. I never been to Tawau. What a pity...tour guide plak tu.

  9. syura: kekekekke yay! kekekek bapak si tim XD

    lance: O.O road trip to tawau XD kekekekekek

  10. so what happen to the house? what about the neighbor? what about the rude tenant.. i want to know.. kekeke.. kepochee sikit..

    and of coz, Happy Birthday to your mom. Masih sihat lagi bah. :D

  11. wahhhh sedapnyaaa foods!!!i like the blinjo, pahit tu kan?heheh dunno how i can tahan the bitterness.more pics!we want more!

  12. papa: we gonna renovate the house slowly. as u can see there's already some bricks in front of the house, somebody broke into our house and stole some bricks, oh maybe can't really see the gate area. our neighbour on the left, hj. pide or wutever his name got issues. my mum couldn't bother talking to him after wut happened the last time. my dad in the other hand was angry after the son reply him by yelling "tak tau tak tau tak tau". all my dad did was ask for this fellow's son in law's hp number. -_- so, there will be a brick wall on that side so nobody will haf to go through all that.

    btw, my uncle were suppose to help us with the renovating but he left the house like dat for 2 years. so, my dad will go back and forth to tawau to make sure that the house is properly renovated so ppl can stay there.

    pretty much wut's gonna happen.

    shana: alah! if i know i would get for u. maybe next trip i get u those XD