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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matter Arise

For those who went to the Borneo Orchid Show 2007 last August most probably receive this free coupon. Have anyone used this coupon yet?

Well, the story goes like this.

My mum intended to use this coupon today, but the shop claims that, this coupon only valid with developing 10 pcs of photo prints then only u'll get the extra free 10 pcs 4R prints.

The problem is, there's no written T&C at any side of the coupon to prove that we need to print 10 pcs before getting the 10 free pcs and it CLEARLY "ONLY" STATED Free 10 pcs 4R prints.

This doesn't make sense. And the coupon only expires at the end of Nov 2007. *confused.

This is discussed here.

Other story: I played picross whole day today, then back to PW (last case btw). My colleagues noticed me but they thought I was playing with my new phone O.O oh ogie. ^^;;;; *hiks~ oh and when auntie cleaner touch it, mas snapped a bit XD "no touchie touchie!" XD hehe~



  1. Anonymous4:03 AM

    false advertising. the Borneo Orchid Show organizer should be made aware of this scam too!

  2. adakah like that.. apa punya jenis coupon oh, no T&C. Menyusahkan people only.

  3. shemah: yeawor...bikin panas..sumua photo ready to be printed sekali dat's wut they told us..buruk tul