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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Experimental: Homemade Guava Jelly with Longan

Yes, you heard me! No! I didn't make these. My dad did. He was excited in testing it. I only help him to measure the amount of sugar *cough. Anyways, it's a success! And it taste great. Guava flavoured jelly. It's so tasty! XD

I somehow feel like fewd tester XD


  1. Oooo looks very yummy!! :D


  2. cin: it is very yummy! XD

  3. Your dad made that? Gee, he is one very talented man la. The only thing I can make is maybe boil water ... LOL!

  4. Here...*WRITES DOWN HIS SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS*...send some over! :-P

  5. i wan to taste to... just tell me where to get that.. FREE!

    longan with guava taste kah tu? blur2 dis.

  6. nick: making em is way too easy XD

    gallivanter: lol XD

    papa: yeap, it's longan with guava taste..punya sedap! XD

  7. next time i ask my dad make some XD

  8. makes me want to do my own 'experiment' oso...ok maybe i try tomorrow...hehe

  9. zaini: ko mo? XD kekeke inda bulih..posa mwahhahah

    carol: yes yes go make XD then take photo then eat! XD

  10. i also want to make jelly over the weekend!

  11. Oh maan!!! I looks so comel!!! I wanna eat but don't wanna eat but wanna eat!!! he he he

    Tomorrow Rayaaaa~~~

    *nari nari*

  12. bwoo: yes make em XD send me some XD

    acom: esok hari raya yeah yeah esok hari raya ! XD i'll be flying back

  13. i really thot it was you who did it XD lol
    anyway selamat hari raya