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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I think I went overboard with spending ^^;;;;

This morning, my dad was making jelly. I could smell it from my room (well that's cause the kitchen is exactly well roughly below my room). He was making a lot, I mean a lot for KKYS.

Since my office will have some kinda "rumah terbuka", we were asked to bring something from home or from somewhere. Sienz~ I wasn't informed when this is gonna be. It's actually will be on Friday, which means tomolo. I'm seriously lazy to attend this. I skipped last year's one even. Hehehe, told my colleague I didn't wanna join, she insisted I join this year *hiks~ Since that's the case, I decided to make jelly. Well, more like my dad made em for me. Thank yew dad! XD

This is wut I'll bring tomolo hehe.

I'm nearly done playing Phoenix Wright. Urgh, seems like no time to play today. FINE! I did play but only up till 5 ogie. Then I wanted to play but I'm bz doing some other stuff.

Er, it's not fat, she's pregnant *hiks~

I'd planned to go find "the big bag" for myself and maybe a running shoe (coz my previous running shoe a bit er...cacat). But instead, I was distracted with some other stuff. So, while we wait to know wut I bought for myself, first I'll post some fewd photos. Hehe. And I went to Japanese Dream Food at CP for dinner. Not as much but enuff for dinner. I'm on diet remember?

ocha, how much does ocha cost anyways? I keep forgetting to check XD

chicken boxing, RM3

onsentamago RM2. sorry, couldn't resist. must have!

tenzaru soba. erm shared this with my sis. RM18

oi I'm not fewd!! -_-"" mwahahha i bring em everywhere I go.. MY PRECIOUS!!!

Guess wut's the gewd part. My sis paid for dinner. Wuah so nice XD

Before going home around 9:30pm, must have jasmine tea + pearl which cost RM3.50 hehe.

Enuff about fewd. Now I'm gonna list down the stuff I bought for meself weeeeeeeeee XD

Bedsheet = RM43.80
Personal item = RM59.80
Nicole pants = RM52.90
The cat pouch + handphone cover thinggies = RM45

doesn't this look like my banner? XD i likey the color weeeeeeeee

my new pants. i wanted a black one but they dun haf the size i wanted T_T *sob. i looked gewd in it though must cut coz i'm short XD

i can't decide. i know i'm greedy. i bought 3. teruknya~ i blame tina for this. she keeps saying buy. see wut happen? T_T

got these handphone thinggies free XD

And, I found a new comfy pouch for my ndsl. Hehe. This was the previous cover *ehem~ yes, I know, please dun say anything. I couldn't find anything ogie!

And meet the new comfy pouch. Mas likey kitteh! XD


  1. I'm feeling hungry after seeing your photos. for a moment I forgot about my Ext Hddisk problem. I can't get my photos back, The disk unreadable :( .

  2. noiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~ photos noiiiiiii~~~

    there's no way u could read it? T_T uhuhu~ i feel the pain...*prays hope u can retrieve it

  3. Wahhh bought so many things! Bestnya! Also ate so many stuff!!! Thought you were on diet? hehehehehhee..

    Nice pouch btw! :D

  4. cin: i was XD eh but i eat sikit leh..manada banyak..only chicken, egg and a bit of soba mar...other than dat i didn't eat anything wor XD

    btw, which color cute ah? XD the hp pouch i mean XD gila sudah se

  5. I like the green one! :D

  6. the green one no need to point..coz dat's my ndsl punya pouch XD i mean the hp covers..purple, brown and black..

    i like purple but my sis took purple i think i use the brown one...XD @_@ greed~

  7. Wah...Shopping galore ya.. Ini mesti baru terima Gaji ni ..hehe. Enjoy!!

  8. XD yah!!!!!!!!!! XD

  9. Eeee... kempunan me see that jelly.. lama sudah i ask Shemah to do for me.. I go your house la makan! LOL!

    Wahh.. i haven't shopped like that for myself in ages! bestnyaaa..

  10. hehehehehe...oh bulih jua...but my dad only come back next week XD

  11. hoh...ur picture with the ndsl..macam ko mo makan tue ndsl ow hheh...

  12. cis...*tandang zaini

  13. ish...i tot i have post my comment ari, i love the purple pouch, but u said ur sist oredi ambi dat....sayang dat...hehe..when can i try dat jelly.....sedap wo sa nmpak.. :p

  14. marmalade: actually i bought another purple one for myself..greedy i know XD ekkeke but i'm using the brown one now hehe XD

    ooh the jelly..maybe i should do a testing session for bloggers? XD

  15. omg, I love your DS case! And a pregnant kitty, aww... Tell her I said "congratulations!" I'm sorry I haven't been reading your blog lately, but I finally learned how to comment! Go me