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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life couldn't get any worst ... without ... WATER!!!! @_@

NoooooooooooOOOooooooooooooooo.. back up tank gone!!! Er, literally speaking. No water left T_T oi i manage to mandi this morning ogie! T_T haihs~ now liasing with my dad's secretary about the contractor to come and fix it *sigh~ haihs

I had a conversation with my sister this morning on the way to work.

These are the solution we could think of (actually I lol-ed at every single of the solution she came up with):
  1. Go to Sport Complex and take shower there *lol. This cost RM5?
  2. Pay to stay at any backpackers lodge. Just for the sake of taking shower before and after work XD and maybe laundry.
  3. "Tumpang" ppl's house and shower. In this case, I couldn't think of any of my relative coz I dun think there's any here. *rofl. Even there is, we're not in gewd terms. Wait! I juz remember one of my aunt. But I dunno where she stay XD omg~ We got tons of frens we could "tumpang mandi" but way awkward. XD Oh and my sis said her colleague also one of the solution to "tumpang mandi" *rofl. So funny.
See, how desperate we are for showers *rofl. And we might be sending our clothes to laundry mart hahahahah XD omg~ I can tell how sick I am now. I haven't had breakfast and I'm paranoid~ XD

Things could happen to u without water *cough cough.

Anyways, this morning my dad smsed me from Hanoi. Asked me to check his email about his appointment today -_-" adoi~ Sent him back the details after browsing through few emails and some website *cough.

Thank gawd my dad's secretary will liase with my bro about the water thing XD Mas is supa hungry! T_T

I haven't eat since morning woo~

Ahh enuff about water. I nearly forgot about to tell the story about wut happen at work yesterday ^^;

Remember my previous blog post, I mentioned something happened during the raya party? Well, it's not finish yet. 2 of them were yelling at each other and playing the blame game. Trust me, I was even included in the conversation. Wait more like everyone is. *confused. And the auntie cleaner's daughter were crying and running from one colleague to the other. She was scared of her mother. *confused. Lucky for me, I have my own room. *rofl. So, there I was, playing ndsl, minding my own business XD

I still can't sort out the story since I'm confused whether it was becoz of money, salad, rice or drinks *rofl~


  1. Kesian oh you.

    I rememberonce when I was a kid, and our water supply teda (I still don't know why to this day), my dad called the fire department and they came and we mandi from their hose! That was an experience I'm not likely to forget. =D

  2. woot? we can do dat? *rofl..dat's so funny oh XD

  3. i got sms from reliable resource saying that today mmg got no water from 8am to not sure true or not lah.

  4. shana: so i heard it juz now..*sigh..but my house since last tuesday/wednesday oh teda air T_T

  5. Huh? Huh? KK no water?

    Huh? What's with the game in your office? Why did the cleaning auntie's daughter cry??? Wah... I so confused now lar! Hahaha!

  6. Which is worse, no water or no electricity? I think water shades it. I had my share of waterless days before...I know the feeling...arggh!

  7. massy-use de rain one..even now its raining wat..

  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    no water ... no power ... WWW world-wide-wait ... 20/20 here I come!!!