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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TMNUT issues

The line has been lagged since yesterday noon. Wait more like morning, coz when I was mapuring and it was terrible. I keep on dc and I couldn't pick up the stuff on the ground. *sigh. But I was able to watch movies online though. This time I watched, umm, Bridge of Terabithia, omg very inspiring XD shuddup whoever dun like it ;P and er wut's the other one, Daddy's Little Girls, umm, this is like those common movie, urgh, didn't like it ^^;

Got back home, I thought mum and sis would come back early but they came back after "sungkai" adois~ lucky I got in after taking some photos. If not I'll rot outside the house.

Here are some shots I took.

orchids from mum's garden

Actually I took 2 different fly shot, 1 grasshopper shot, umm, 2 mumu shot, 3 QM shot and 5 orchid shot. But didn't post it coz might think dat u guys might be bored of it by now XD

Btw, the line was terrible at home. I barely could open any site. Which is bad. I wanted to blog yesterday but I couldn't. I'm sorry for complaining ppl. Yes I went and spam ppl's cbox instead *cough. I'm sorry XD


  1. ur pics doesnt bore me !!i luvv them massy!:D

  2. XD yay! kekekekeke..

  3. I tertidur while watching Bridge to Terabithia.. My boyfriend liked it a lot though.. Hehe

  4. syura: noiiiiiiii~~~ T_T i find it very inspiring XD heheheh..

  5. slow dial-up connection would make be go berserk.. but i've learnt to be patience.. :)

    nice pics..

  6. hey massy!! I soooo know how you feel.. from yesterday lagi i tried to login.. ndak dapat login2..

    So, who's cbox did I spam? Syura's and Shana's. hahaha.. I wanted to spam yours but your site wouldn't load. :(

  7. Oooooo very nice pics! :D

  8. jaxon lol...yeah it'll make everyone go beserk kekekek XD

    sir george: thank yew XD

    shemah: i know wut u mean, some cbox won't load T_T

    cin: hehehe thank yew

  9. Okay, I'll shut up about Terabithia....*GRUMBLES*

  10. gallivanter:!!! u're one of them!!! ;P

  11. actually The TM is not NUT but hmm some of the people i think NUt lols thats why..when you call them the call center will answer like..

    Telekom Malaysia Sedia Membantu wakkaka..funny funny

  12. they're not helpful at all..and sometimes listening to their repeated thinggies got me really annoyed XD

  13. next time when u call, tell them u did everything and all procedure failed..

    and tell them i heard this question manies times already so...i need somebody to come over check the line hehe

  14. lol i'll bare dat in mind *rofl~

    u did dat didn't u?