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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Series of Unlucky Events

I woke up at 6am this morning. Juz to check water. No, still no water. Guess I'll be taking shower at Sport Complex after all -_-".

I got an uneasy feeling today. That something bad gonna happen if I leave the house.

Well, lemme start by when I left the house after 7:30am. I nearly bang a van. Not juz any van. Those public mini bus. -_-" erk~ I seriously did check before going forward. Seriously. Somehow this stewped mini van decided to get in to the lane that I was in -_-" urgh~

Arrived at Sport Complex at 8am-ish. Took shower and when I'm done it's nearly 9am. Was gonna send my sis to work after that but, my car couldn't start *sigh. Called my bro for help. And he did. He sent my sis to work, then got the battery, bring back to my car and fixed it. *sigh.

I left right after and when I got home it's already 10am. *sigh. Speechless. When I was about to get into my house, I realize one of my tyre covers (the one that covers the nut) is gone. Adoi~ -_-" and the number of this post is 444 crap!

-_-" aiyak~ so cham~

I need to eat...


  1. Alalala... so cham wan..

    Hopefully it gets better soon!

  2. I dun believe in luck, things happened for a reason.

    It's all in our mind.

    Things will happen, only we allow it to happen.

    Don't you ever realise? bad things always come after another.

    Think negative, all negative things will happen. Think positive, and happy life we get.

    We can put a stop to that, if we think positively!

    Things will be better soon, if you believe and want that to happen!

    All the best!!!

    There's always a bright sunny day, after every storm! If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger!

  3. Maybe it's the Halloween curse! lol.. jk~! Im sure things would turn 180 soon enough~! Hang in there Mas!

  4. u can shower in my place, >:p

  5. cin: sob sob thank yew..

    penman: i know wut u mean but sometimes ppl tend to forget and keep thinking of negative XD this is where frens are needed XD thanks

    syura: yeah! it's halloween curse!!! XD oh nois~ *rofl.. hehehe yeah hope so hehe

    lee: wakkakaka inda mo...*chop chop tentacles

  6. Oh no, I was thinking the same thing the other day,about bad things going to happen. That was when my PC got virus and I had to formated it. I saved all my recent photos which still in RAW format inside my new purchased HDDISK. Then after I formated my computer and having tried to open my photos from my HDDSK it said "file unreadable or corrupted" Damn!. I went back to the shop where I bought the HD they said it has to formated and tried to recover after that. after the recovery done I only can see jpeg photos no RAW. All the 2000 RAW gone. That is the same type series you have. I guess we shouldn't think about bad things huh?

  7. lance: omg! yeah..we must think positively..O.O 2k RAW image gone?! erk~ ...T_T so sad oh...

  8. oo mas, u shud go n buy lottery... 0444 or 4440 or 4044 or 4404 or err...4 kali pusing seja rupanya tue...sure kena tue mas !! hhehe

  9. ya mas , i agree with zaini,kalau kena bahagi 3 kita mas...heheh