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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Water Issue Resolved

Thank yew everyone for offering me "tempat mandi".

I still can't stop laffing at myself for showering at sport complex.

Now got water. Thank gawd. I've stock water juz in case too XD

Btw, sorry for the photo delay. Here's a shot of mimi and her new borns XD Cute kan? XD


  1. yay .. kucing hitam-putih hahh.. napa la bah tue kotak kecil betul, kesian tht cats squeezed like tht :P

  2. manada kecik tu..besar tu...only my cat yang gumuk XD


  3. WAH!!! COMEL!!!


  4. yesh~ my cats are fat and cute! XD i like em dat way mwahahha XD

  5. oi..kucing ko obesiti sua nnti tue hheh

  6. wooohoooo..... ada tempat mandi sudah!! wow congrats on your cat delivery..haha..ada nama suda ka?

  7. no names yet..hmm..tunggu they besar dulu baru kasi nama XD

  8. cutenya!!!i miss having kitten in house!!cutenya massy!!name one kitten aishiteru ,hehe :D

  9. shana: ahhhh i need names... XD i must know their gender first...O.O still confused which is which..dari muka i can tell yang mana but juz to make sure... kekekeke

    i actually wanna name one of them sleepyhead XD *cough...or maybe i should name em nemuii~ XD

  10. waahh.. mimi first time mommy kah this?? So cute?? Got hitler kah in the batch??

    congrats mommy mimi! and mommy massy!!

  11. shemah: hahaha got 2 got misai tu..well actually this is the 2nd time..the 1st attempt was a failure T_T kesian oh..this time must take gewd care of them..too cute XD