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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hunt Begins

Remember my previous post about a baboon person who bang my bro's car? (Click here if you miss out)

Well here's the thing, this fellow been ignoring my bro's calls. So, this is wut I'm gonna do. Publish this person's details online, I'm gonna tell the whole world how irresponsible and terrible this person is.

Car Type : Toyota Hilux double cabin
Color: silver
Plate number : SU 5905 A
Nickname: Ben
Surname : Foo

Dunno whether he even gave the real name or not *pftttt~ anyways, if anyone spotted this car, please report to the nearest police stations coz police are looking for him *cough. He's wanted!

Bang ppl's car, now ignoring ppl's calls. =_="


  1. Ben Foo?!! Oh.. tak kenal. Kalau Jack Foo sia kenal la macam.. :P

    I hope they find him soon!

  2. oso tak kenal XD

  3. LydBytes9:11 AM

    mcm mana bro ko dpt cari tu?

  4. LydBytes9:15 AM

    oh dr police station.. hihihi ...
    nahh habis la c ben tu .. femes suda dia... kikiki

  5. wah..urang mana tu? bahaya oo...

  6. lydbytes: hehehe yeap, he went to police station to check it.

    pirut: my bro said the address is in keningau oh

  7. bah ok..sia cari sampai lubang cacing

  8. the plate number IS a keningau plate number alright...but nowadays ramai bah urg go to Keningau for a SU numbers...takut kena identified lah tu...

    Bah Mas...nanti if i go back Keningau, i'll check on this car...mana tau dia betul2 urg keningau...hehe

  9. sir george: wokeh

    cikgu: yes, the person is in keningau..we checked the address with the police oso listed as keningau addie oh...tq..still ignoring ppl's call eh this person