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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've been caught up

I'm really sorry. For the non updated moments. I've been, "I could seriously explain this", caught up with Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. @_@ I know, need lotsa thinking, it's giving me a headache sometimes, but, I couldn't make myself stop.

*Spoiler: I'm currently hunting for the Phantom Sword at the Ocean King Temple. I know I know, some ppl said I play too fast, but it's not me. *blames NDSL.

Btw, I have won free BodyShop Beauty Workshop *cough cough all thanks to GoShop! XD Nyahaha. Today me and my eldest sis, (*cough, she accompany me, I'm too paranoid to go alone) went to BodyShop office for the workshop hehe. My sis had to pay hers XD it was fun though. Oh, the workshop took 3 hours, with refreshments.

diane explaining to mas on how to apply concealer. yes, when it comes to make up. mas is clueless. very indeed and notice how big my eyes were? i can't see shite without my extra eyes *cough XD

group photo. yay! we got certs! *cough i look F** T_T

Can u see my make up? No? GREAT! That's the point! XD Hohoho~ XD No I'm not gonna show u a close up. Besides, most of the shots are my sis's camwhoring shots =_=""

Guess wut I bought for brunch? Actually I had brunch nearly 2pm. I was definately woozy. Considering that I barely had enuff sleep. I blame mimi for being noisy! =_=" TADA! Macaroni and cheese from Bits & Bites XD

Hmm, I'm thinking whether I should continue play Zelda or sleep now hmm..


  1. LOL another Legend of Zelda fan! I have a friend who's so gila with this one too. :P

    Oh hey, kenapa post small pic on your makeup result??? Cindy mau tengok juga!! Uwaaaaaa!!

  2. O.O project71? apa ni? spam?

    cin: nyahahahah..coz i look absolutely weird @_@ XD nyahahhaha

  3. kami nak tgk muka mu yg bermekap bah...

  4. kami nak tgk muka mu yg bermekap bah...

  5. I think that project guy spam tuh. Aku nampak dia post the same comment on someone else's blog. >:(

  6. hoih..welcome back mas! tought u retired from blogosphere oredi and become pro-gamer hheh

    ah..and we can see more masculin err...feminine in u after dis heheh

  7. u play too fast!


  8. penman: i got time XD hahahahahahah

    zaini: nolah, i've been caught up XD

    njay: inda mo!!!! XD