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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The nothing much post

I went to Wisma Merdeka today and bought myself socks and a new running shoe. Finally.

When I reach my room door, I found a bag.

Not juz any bag but..

a bag that lookie likey mimi XD

Thanks to my bro and his gf, IRTeA


  1. Wanna trade the bag with your Mimi? XD

  2. O.o woot? trade? with who wot?

  3. wah? very nice bag! where they bought?? bought in KK ka?

  4. cutenyaaaa mas!!! matching matching lagi! just mau kasi tambah misai on the bag! hehehe...

  5. Waaa so cute! Matching bag! Now you can carry Mimi inside the bag. LOL!

  6. dat is soooooo.... cute!!!!!

  7. Ish! Si Mimi tu bikin gerigitan la... kiut miut esp. dia punya misai:D

    Ya, I agree with Syura, draw the moustache on the bag... LOL

  8. meatball yes..from kk..

    a shop called hikosen's located at 1st floor kompleks asia city. i think city mall pun are stuff we bought from there

    syura: mwahhaha yeap, my bro and the gf siok berabis bah membeli ni XD

    cin: lalalala inda muat oh mimi..if mimi's bb can muat i think XD hahahaha

    lucy: thanks XD

    nessa: mwahahhah cute kan..and she's MINE! XD kekekek..the anak pun kiut oh hehe

  9. aiyyoooohhh cutenya the bag!! macam specially made for mimi saja.. minus the misai.. geraammm tengok!! i culik lah si mimi ni tauuuu.. hahaha

  10. nooooooooooooooooo!!! u can't culik my mimi nooooooooooooooo!!!