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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Pinky Street Figure

Started my early morning being pissed coz I had to send my sis to work. And we got off quite late. Why? Coz mum is sick, fewd poisoning. She had dinner at some hotel last nite and till now still not feeling well. Feeling cold, stomach ache and vomiting. I hope she'll get well soon, coz I'm lazy to wake up early juz to send my sis to work first. Heheh. And no, my sis dun drive =_= which is an advantage.

I've been playing "Legend of Zelda" whole day. Once awhile was helping my colleague with reading our accountant's handwritting. She couldn't understand wut he wrote on that piece of paper, but I find it easy to read even his writing were small and u hardly can make out those words, but I guess I'm used to it since I had more terrible experience of reading from my dad's handwritting. *cough cough, dun tell my dad XD

So, after work today, we decided to go to CP to check out some clothes. Ahhh, there's nothing for me to buy =_=" I'm so not interested. In the end, I bought a sweat pants coz I need to commit to my jogging plan. I feel F. *sigh.

I went to Japanese Dream Food at CP with my sis again. These are the fewd we had. You can also check my reviews at my ravejoint page. Which is at my sidebar hehe XD Btw, meatball, wow, laju sudah ko ah men-rave XD

mushrooms! tempura!!! i lurve

chicken teppanyaki

unagi rice set XD

Reached home at around 9pm. Guess wut I found near the door? A package! From Japan! NOI!!! My bro ordered toys without me! T_T woo~ I was tempted to open it. I even sms-ed my bro about it. I wanted to open it, so while waiting for him to return home after watching movie, I played Zelda again. Yes I'm obsessed. I couldn't be help anymore. Oh btw, penman, I got Mario Kart, lets play!!! XD

Anyways, focus mas focus! Guess wut I got? Muahahahhaha PINKY STREET!!! WITH CAR!!! mwahahha. Though, I still haf to pay for it ler *cough cough. No biggie. Here's some shots of it. I'll do some photo story when I'm free. Meanwhile, please bare with these simple, ugly shots.

"come on! take me out!"

"ahhh fresh air~~~"


Please ignore mas's mental state right now. Mas will turn slightly hyper when lack of sleep. And yes, mas is referring self as a third person.

Till then, cya tomolo ppl! XD


  1. WOW!!! nice jap food+nice pinkie!


  2. nyahahhaa..XD thankie thankie XD

  3. yayyy~! got new ones! can't wait for your story! :D

  4. heheheh XD yeap yeap...cute kan XD

  5. Not into Jap food but I love the car though ... LOL!

  6. Mas sadap tau minta ehhehe

  7. nick: lol

    limadang: ko mo minta yang mana? tu mushroom tu sedap.. XD

  8. owh..hope ur mum getting well oredi..

    koh koh..pinky the duck lagi hhahha..ok joking..

  9. uih..ada collection suda ko punya pinky..very nice!

  10. zaini: yeap mum doing fine now..i'm the one feeling a bit sick pulak~ XD

    sir george: nyahaha i want more!!! MOAR i say moAR!!!!