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Saturday, November 17, 2007

CSP 1st Anniversary 2007

BEWARE! Tons of photo ahead! XD

I had a lunch date with an old fren at City Mall today. We went to Hana Japanese Restaurant. I met 2 other frens there too. Too bad I didn't get a shot of them. Anyways, these wut I had for lunch. Click here to view any other fewd available at Hana.

ocha RM1

chicken teriyaki set RM16. i love the chicken *thumbs. i didn't like the miso soup though, it tasted a bit weird somehow

they didn't haf a sushi menu. my fren got this. i haf no idea wut is this, but tuna was wrapped around it? er this cost RM4

Since the main purpose of meeting was to gossip *cough. We decided to haf drinks at another place since Hana closes at 3pm? I think. Green Passion, I chose u! XD

Since it was cold inside, we decided to sit outside, no it's not bright and sunny. It rained. I mean still raining ^^;;;

my fren had hazelnut latte

i had jasmine tea

lissa and me

i got somebody hooked on ndsl *cough cough mwahhaha >:)

Yesterday, as discussed in the thread, we celebrated our forum 1st anniversary. The discussion is here. There are 16 members from the forum who came (cubex, IRTeA, lee hng, dxtremex, Namor, maslight, rogue, rob-jr, VaMsurfer, rachfran, Hayumi, Dizzy, RinaCat, Hellsdude, diasrandford, swoosh and Hayumi's 2 younger brother), eventhough it rained every now and then.

Here are some of the fewds available at Grace Point, well actually the fewd we ordered for ourselves. Could u guess which one is mine? *rofl~ XD I actually tasted 3 different types of claypot rice. Look at my raves (*points sidebar).

i had ice lemon tea XD

More about Grace Point, click here.

After eating is a series of taking photo XD

the boss and the secretary *cough cough

the happy sotong man! *cough cough (i still can imagine his hand moving like tentacles O.O scary~ *erasing memory, VP for HobbyCon ni..dun pray pray)

dx, ravejoint boss *cough cough

Namor, ravejoint boss and competitor *cough cough

XD lets go eat! XD

mas: "crush ur hair"

hahahahahha i'm sorry, i can't stop laffing, amy oso got take photo! i want see! XD

KK manga project, Team DayDreamers (TDD)
mas: "oi lee, ko bukan TDD meh?"

mwahhaha lucky got this shot of Dizzy and Hayumi XD

ndsl anyone? yerrrrr! only mine no cute photo thinggies T_T woo~

chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe, RM75

This video was taken by Namor, an introduction to the CSP members who came to the 1st CSP anniversary.

There's something on my forehead "top raver and top CSP poster".

No blowing candle ceremony, only cutting cake XD

Everyone had a share of the cake. IT'S MELTING!!! Oh nois~

i'm sorry cakie! T_T u suffered great pain *cough cough hahahah sorry sorry..

Last but not least, group photo is a must!

we showed our behind *cough cough, the darkness rules? noiiiii i'm one of it oh nois~~~~ bring me back to the light!!! T_T

Before we call it a nite, sing it! "coz we are family~" XD

More post about CSP 1st anniversary available at julian's blog and CSP forum.

Umm, I guess I couldn't go to the PBSM Bazaar today. Mum didn't wake me up T_T *cries~

Edit: I've uploaded most of the photos in my facebook and Namor's Sharpcast.


  1. so fun!


    so wished I was there...


  2. worries,next year u come back join us XD

  3. aarghh! lapar! sudah la belum makan niii.. okay, hafta go eat now! btw, so cute that guy with the big pink ribbon!! lol!

  4. wah... jipun food... and wat is ndsl anyway?... looks like gameboy...

  5. chocolate indulgence so oh-gasmic!

  6. syura: lol cute kan XD *rofl~

    swordie: uhuh uhuh, i somehow had a lot lately oh nois~ oh ndsl = nintendo ds lite hehe XD

    lucy: u said it! yahhhh!!! lepas makan terus hyper bah XD high on chocolate *hiks~

  7. lol! mas i "pinjam" ur picture ah!? XD

    wahahaha CSP ftw!!!

  8. hahhahaha pinjam la XD sotong sotong XD

  9. ui..meriahnya..napa x ajak :P taun depan la sa join hehhe..

  10. keep updated mar...join CSP XD

  11. Massy.. salah sudah...

    bukan top raver and top csp poster...
    it's top spammer.... :P

  12. I am coming KK next month. I want to join you guys!! huhuhuhuhu~~ ~ ~

  13. namor: oi i'm no spammer XD

    jianbing: yay!!!!! come to hobbycon! come to hobbycon! XD

  14. massy! i support CSP from da back! kekeke... me knot join ley, nanti ADDICTED! kakaka... tdk bah, nanti kena ban da CSP site from our server kalau diorg nampak lain2. jadi penonton saja lah, especially for da hobby con. I miss MAGIC n WARHAMMER. :( forgotten odi how to play Magic. 8 years odi... :/

    as a supporter (only), what can i do, contribution, etc? pa korang mau minta supply for the hobby con? mintak ja la dari air suam - foods - hinava(???)... kekeke... but maybe not much lah oo... coz i've just started my biz.

  15. na-o wuahh~~ how come from the back only T_T mari la..join join XD kekekeke...wuah~ they gonna haf it on the day, mindslaver gonna set it up. u coming rite? XD i haf no idea how to play magic one..i see oso i blur XD

    yes, we need moneh!! $_$ uhuk uhuk~ kekekeke..

  16. Mmmm.. the hazelnut latte looks yummy! And so is the cake!!!! @.@

  17. AKU MAU! Kalau aku balik nanti kita harus jumpaaaa and makaaaaan and camwhooooore! And I don't care that you don't like to hug Massy!! I like to hug and I'm gonna hug youuuu!

  18. cin: hahahaha yeah, my fren yang x suka latte pun suka terus bah..imagine dat.. *rofl...yes the cake is so rich..i lurve~ XD

    acom: wakakkakakakakak XD ogie, i'll prepare myself *cough cough

  19. Uwaaa nda sempat pigi HobbyCooonnnNn!! Aku balik Sandakan sudah tu time. Unless Bibing is going, then maybe we drive down together. :D We shall see!

  20. acom: bibing is coming leh..he got booth mar..mnu? yes yes, u can come!!!!!

  21. Mas: monehhh??? where's da tabung to put da money inside??? kekeke... i've sms my cousin in kl and tell him bout the magic n warhammer competition. hope my bro oso sempat balik. he's a fashion designer there. if he's in kk, maybe he can help to design n jahit baju for the cosplay. but he's in kl now and many ppl there oso ask him to design for them.

  22. wuah really...wuah so ur bro the webbie..i think he must know some of the ppl in our committee XD

    details are in the thread hehe XD