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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hobbycon Update: Advertised In Gempak

TADA!!! XD thanks to gempak for this! *worship worship XD

On the other story, last week, when my bro at CPS, some bafoon banged his car. Lucky he was there, I think it'll be a case of "langgar lari" if he wasn't there. He got this dood's phone number, been calling the dood since last Friday till today, no answer, so, today my bro went to police station to make report, guess wut the police told him? My bro will be haf to pay RM300 for late report and the police can sue the person who bang my bro's car for RM600. Wuah police making money *cough. Hopefully this matter resolve without anybody needing to sue anybody. *sigh. But I seriously hate these kinda ppl. Take advantage of a person's kindness. Tulah my bro, too nice, he said he saw this fellow got 2 kids with him terus give face. Bancinya!!!! >_<

But hey, my bro got this fellow's address from the police station. Hmph, *mas having evil thoughts. I wonder if I could get the details from my bro so I can publish online!!! Mwahahhahah! >:) I'm such a nice person. Think it as free advertisement if these kinda thing should ever happen again, or anyone who came across his car, won't be fooled by him nyahhahaha! XD

If I'm there, I ask him to pay on the spot! Dun care! Dumb %^$@^%*@ bafoon!


  1. Send someone to his house and threaten him!!! LOL! Ada ka.. langgar odi don't wanna pay. Cilaka betul..

  2. yeawor..teruk kan..give phone number but ignore ppl's bro oso too nice, said give chance..who gonna pay for ur car man...isk tension aku

  3. Ooo...very kesian dis .. this happen to my bro oso .. but in that case we drag the person all da way to workshop..and ask him to pay hheh..

  4. oh help me drag this person eh zaini XD