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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spending time with reading blog posts

I took nearly 2 hours to finish reading roughly everyone's blog. Some I wanted to comment but error, can't post comment, terus malas. Didn't wanna try it again. Some, I dun feel like commenting (I dunno wut to comment). Some I did comment ah XD

I went through some of the blogs post from oso.

I feel like eating onsentamago, but with the weather, I dun feel like going out. Yes, I know I'm at work. I mean after work la. I wanted to go shopping but gawd, I'm juz too lazy. Unless if somebody drive me weeeeeeee XD

Till the next blog post hmm.


  1. Trying to post comments is the one thing that Blogger is weak at. I'm still not moving to Wordpress yet, as Blogger's interface is one that I grew up and most familiar with.

  2. thanks for the visit, I've already format my computer this morning. Loads of back up of my photos.

  3. hangmen: i got no problem with blogger but sometimes the line also plays a role in making some browser suck. XD

    lance: wuah, ogie sudah ka ur pc..get those AVG from kekeke protect ur pc..i hate it when the hddisk fails...happened before, i had to reformat my 2nd hddisk and when i tried using my main hddisk, ogie pulak..budu budu tu hddisk..malas se..but i must at least back up my important photos like trip photos XD

    oh that reminds me...i should organize my insect photos and burn it! XD

  4. hangmen: true. i was thinking of wordpress also but then sayang la my blog.

  5. oh so dori u wanna switch to wordpress oso ah? hmmm...

    i haf wordpress but i'm still stuck with this one..i haf over 400 post oh here

  6. I think you can import your entries to wordpress.

  7. ahhh gewd to know..but i won't be doing that XD