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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Trip to Tawau (Part 1)

Here, the story begins ... How I spent my Hari Raya this year.


12th October 2007 (Friday)

It's the last day of fasting, Dad got really excited with the jelly making, he decided to make another one. This is mango flavoured jelly with mix fruit (mas no likey pineapple).

Omg, it's so tasty. I think I like this one better. Maybe it's the mango flavour hmm.

This was suppose to be my mum's b'day cake that my sis ordered? But I think got miscommunication somewhere till it become Hari Raya cake *rofl.

13th October 2007 (Saturday)

And the journey begins. Ehem, by flight btw hehe XD

Went off from home at around 7am-ish. My sis's fren sent her to the airport instead. Reached airport and had breakfast at Asian Delight cafe located at the 1st Floor (they actually calls it mezzanine floor? or something?) of Terminal 2, KKIA, yes coz I'm hungry. I shared fried mee with my 2nd sis (coz we're not that hungry? or maybe i dun haf much appetite). Hmm, the fried mee doesn't taste that nice. I think it was slightly dry. The taste is a bit wrong. Everyone else had fried meehoon. Mum liked it.

Our flight was at around 9:30am. While waiting for boarding, we overheard a lady shouting. From wut I heard from ppl, this China lady who's on a flight to Shenzhen didn't wanna get check at the scanning area. O.O ar? *confused. I wonder why. I have no idea wut she was yelling about but she got everyone's attention, most definately. O.O

Thank yew for Express Boarding, we get to pick our seats first ahhh~ no rushing to get in lines XD

Flight to Tawau only took about 50 mins. I tot 45 mins? O.O It doesn't take dat long really. Our captain pilot is Mr. Lo. Hehe, smooth take off and landing. I didn't know that we couldn't take photo of the airport. O.O but lucky I manage to get 1 shot XD

Took taxi to Kuhara Court Apartment Suite., which is roughly less than 1 hour from the airport. We stayed here for 2 days. The place is nice and all but the service is bad. The reception misplaced my dad's reservation -_-" (this is where I wish I could be somewhere else. why? coz my dad will start yapping). But surprisingly, they got 1 apartment available -_-" I'm confused, the fellow said they didn't have it? O.O

Took some photos of the apartment. The apartment per night cost about RM178 if I'm not mistaken. Consists of 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, etc etc, photos are easier to describe really XD

the living area. tv available. channels available, tv1, tv2, tv3, star world, espn, cnbc, discovery, 1 chinese channel er. I guess that's about it. I think there's less than 9 channel available. so boring

the toilet

the balcony

We freshened up for awhile and went off after noon to my grandpa's house. Mum had booked 2 taxi to send us there. Taxi fare double charge man! When we arrived there, nobody was around to open the door for us. -_-" it was hot and my dad was slightly cranky. We saw the neighbour's fat cat. Seriously fat!!! Didn't get any shot of it coz the cat ran away when I wanted to -_-" cis!

Mum called aunt to ask where they went, found out they're on the way back from visiting grandma's grave ^^; alamak~ Since that's the case, dad decided to go back. While waiting for taxi, I took some shots of my surroundings XD

This small beach is located opposite my grandpa's house. "This used to be my playground..this used to be where I collect clams with my aunts..." wakkakaka XD brings back memories XD

Here's another problem, not only it's really really hot, no cab passing by. Even if there is, got passanger oledi ^^; We need not only 1 taxi, but 2. Coz there's 5 of us and 1 taxi won't fit us all since most of us are big size *cough. We waited and me, mum and my 2nd sis got into the taxi to go back to the apartment. It's not that far but omg the weather, it's so hot. Some of the taxi don't even have aircond. Dies~ But, as we nearly reaching the apartment, dad called us to go back to grandpa's house since they reached the house already. -_-" wasted another RM8 for taxi fare. OMG!

There was my grandpa, the "bachelor" uncle, aunt sarah and her husband. Dad and the other 2 uncle were chit-chatting outside, while we do some chit-chatting inside the house.

After chit-chatting for awhile, my aunt, Sarah asked us to go to her house at Bombalai. Hehe. But before we go off, we took some shots with grandpa XD My sis were greedy. They asked me to take more than one.

us and grandpa XD

grandpa and me XD

This is the tricky part of how we gonna go there. My uncle drives a Toyota Hilux *cough. Now, try imagining 7 people to fit inside the car *cough. Yes, we made it, suprisingly. 1 driver (my uncle), me and dad share 1 seat in front (ouch my back), and the other 5 at the passanger seat. It's really really funny, if I could take a shot of it, I'll be laffing nonstop juz looking at it maybe. I won't call it far but it takes about half an hour or more than that to get there. I think if I'm not mistaken, it's about 20km or so?

My aunt's house is at the plantation. But it's really neat. I likey. Even her plants are neat. OMG!

She even haf fishies! Loads of em KOI!

How rude of me! -_-" I nearly forgot to "salam" my aunt on the way back coz I was excited to take photo of flowers around her garden *cough. Besides (mo buat excuse), I tot we're not going back yet hehe.

My uncle drove us back to the apartment. We dun really have anything to do there, except maybe watch tv? Which is also boring. Wanted to go out but it's too hot and we didn't have any transport to go around. My sis went out to meet her friends, we had her get us dinner. She came back with 5 fish and chips and 1 chicken chop for my dad. Wuah super nice. They bought it at er I forgot wut's the name of the place, but it's so tasty! XD

To be continued...


  1. wooo...byk nya makanan... but u look cute lah wit baju raya...i tot u photoshopped it oredi hehehe... err...hilux double cab? napa la susah2 mo squeeze semua masuk dalam...truck dia kan luas eheh..

  2. er my uncle yang cakap muat XD bah berabis la kami mengsqueeze inside XD

    mwahhahah i wear kebaya with jeans mwahahhaha XD tertipu

    yeap hilux double cab ka tu yang 2 pintu? *blurness XD

  3. wakkakaka lek ko boss lek ko XD

  4. wow.. ada sequel sequel lagi ah ..hehe

  5. Wah best!! Keep 'em photos coming!!!! xD Aiee.. now I miss Tawau pulak. :-P

  6. Wahh.. Tawau looks so nice oredi.. I haven't been there in ages. We were supposed to beraya in Tawau jugak bah tu tapi Shemah couldn't travel since dia 'menunggu hari' oredi. I miss Tawau! I used to live at Taman Kuhara Jaya! :D

  7. Oh, and you look nice in baju kurung! Hehe..

  8. sir george: yahhhhhhhh!!! panat bah mo blog sumua sekali gus XD

    cin: u miss sabah as a whole *cough cough XD

    syura: thank yew XD uh u oso stayed in tawau before. i used to stay at taman king fook XD kekekeke...but time i visit my old house, teruk oh the condition...nvm i'll blog it in a bit XD

  9. look delicious la that wanna try doing that la nti..

    Kuhara Court Apartment Suite..worth juga la if rm178 per night...

    and...u look nice with that baju kebaya.... :p

  10. Actually during this raya weekes I shud be at Tawau.. working but of coz i don't want. I rather be with my family holiday.
    Hmm. now I know a bit about u. baguslah.. :)

  11. marmalade: thank yew thank yew XD kambang berabis la se ni XD yah buatlah jelly then kasi se makan! XD tq

    papa: awww...*hugs~ XD hehehe yeah a bit XD

  12. Anonymous6:28 PM

    heheheh...Siok betul sia membaca blog ko tu .. sampai kekawan sia d ofis pun ikut baca... actually yg buat mereka interested were the FOODs... yummie worr... then baca baca baca... siok worr.. ble buat novel ko ni tau ...

  13. anonymous: wakkakaka..i'm not much a story teller if u notice i would prefer posting photos than putting words. putting words are so hard XD

    besides, fewd is a must! XD thanks for reading, appreciate it XD