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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Watching movie and Fasting Month

Selamat Berpuasa Everyone!! XD

I watched "Blades of Glory" last nite. *lol. Still didn't like Will Ferrel though XD It's funny. I like it, the movie, not him ogie. Then I watched "Evan Almighty" -__- *sigh, punya boring -_-"

Yes, the shortest post ever. I'm going off to bed so I can wake up for sahur at 3am XD


  1. Blades of Glory is sooooo gay!

    Anyway, selamat berpuasa. :)

  2. Selamat berpuasa. :)

  3. saiful: rofl it is it is i know XD but it's funny XD

    cin: thanks XD

  4. I love puasa time... coz banyak Bazaar Ramadan! Love the cakes, tambah gumuk lagi la ni! Sighhhh...

  5. nessa omg~ fewd..macam mo kurus la se ni? XD i'm aiming on the murtabak at sembulan *pray mum/dad plz get to lazy to drive there lotsa cars..but i want eat it XD the temptation XD

  6. Blades of Glory is Will Ferrell's best with "Ricky Bobby" following closely. As for "Evan Almighty", it was CRAP, just like "Bruce Almighty". :-)