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Saturday, September 01, 2007

ArtJam 9

I went to the 9th ArtJam today at Kopicat KAC. Kopicat Cafe is located at 1st floor, I keep on forgetting where this place is. Well, actually it's easy, if u saw Wagamama, turn left, you can't miss this.

this is honey jasmine ice cost RM2.80

Fewd ordered by Hayumi and Dizzy (thanks for being such a gewd sport! sorry to bug u guys)



Oh, I love this drawing. More like the clothes. Ogie, not the short skirt, referring to the jacket. This drawing is done by Dan.

Must owez have group photo of ArtJam if I'm around! XD

am i really that short? ^^; oh btw, there's some other who came and M.I.A or went back early XD i.e. lee, kc, isaac, ali g and cryonic heheh

btw, a lil camwhoring with my plushie won't hurt XD slightly out of focus, i know, gomen~ XD

After ArtJam, we had a visit to MindSlaver Games. Located at 2nd Floor of KAC. Mas very noob, I dun understand these kinda stuff ^^; Mas's blurness has juz begun XD

Oh, but I know who does, click here.

Anyways, we went there, guess who's there? lee and kc. Nyahaha, kc since u're not in the group photo, I manage to get a shot of u mwahhaha XD

Major lostness when they were talking about this. I have no idea. But these can be found there XD

so I see, they are playing Magic the Gathering O.O *lostness

star wars

axis and allies

dungeons and dragons

have u ever seen this many kinds of dices? O.O not me no never~ XD

Btw, for those who are interested in making some extra cash for this coming Ramadan month, City Mall is renting out space for those those who wants to sell fewd and drinks.

Payment per location/area is only RM88 ( for the whole 30 days )

Anyone who is interested please contact Amy/Claire at 088 484408

Se tolong promote jak ni XD


  1. Ooooh, very interesting shot you have of the dices!

  2. yeah, i was amazed by it O.O

  3. ooOOooo.. the Star Wars game looks soooo cool!!! I want!! Even if I dunno how to play.. hehehe..

    And about the City Mall Ramadhan thingy, I'll ask around. :)

  4. AIIIYA! totally forgot about the ArtJam!

  5. art jam(T__T) i wanna go but there's something on! SOBZ!

  6. OOoo makan-makan lagi you, ye? Love that shot of the spaghetti. Looks really yummy!

  7. shemah: like my brother, he wanted the dice only, but it's included in those board games thinggie XD go check it out

    dori: alasan! u dun wanna come tu kan..kan kan kan?

    darryl: we'll see u next artjam then XD

    cin: i didn't eat, i drink only. kekekeke, ppl eat i kasau weeeeeeeeeee

  8. hey mas, thanks for promoting the citymall thingy... *hugs*

  9. sure...not a problem *hugs XD