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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Runebound Expansion

Today's boardgame was suppose to start around 1pm, but uncle postponed it till 3pm. Most ppl came around 3:30pm. I was looking forward for a round of the new Runebound expansion set. But we played Citadels (remember I blog about Citadels last Tuesday? No? Click here.) instead coz there were new players. There's a total of 8 players for today's game. Me, uncle, Dennis, Bev, Sotong, Fara, uncle's cousin? (Ed) and Bernard. It's so stressful that, the time for this round of the game took nearly 4 hours. Oh yeah, it rained heavily earlier. I had to end the game! I can't stand the stickiness anymore! When I left, it was roughly around 7pm-ish.

and now there's 2 XD
Well I actually took some shots of Runebound Expansion set. (You might have read my previous post some time in August? Click here). There's some new stuff, new map, new characters etc. I still can't explain about it coz I didn't get to read about it or have any play test. But, here's some shots I manage to take of the new expansion set.

extended map?

expansion characters @_@
the character pieces?

Some other stuff? I'm not sure what these are.

I think I overhead uncle said there's sea based monsters in this expansion pack? @_@ We'll see. Tomorrow will come.

I think these are monster cards, the anchor and that ship steering thinggie I have no idea what are those.

Hmm, somehow this image makes me wanna sing a song by The Presidents of the USA - Volcano.

And are these special weapons?

Ahhhh not forgetting, uncle's dad made some pancakes for us. I didn't get to eat it.

All I could think of that time was to end the game (referring to Citadels). Eventhough I didn't win, at least I'm not last! BWAHAHAHHAHA. Thank gawd it ended. Finally! I still haven't got time to take photo of my new Pinky Street Figures yet. Noooooooooo.

Be patient. I shall make time. Till the next post (Green Park Cafe outing) tomorrow at 10am!

Have a pleasant weekend peeps!

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