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Saturday, October 25, 2008



I fall asleep around 9pm last nite. OMG, I left my camera on the bed too. O.O lucky I didn't kick it.

I woke up around 4am today for the morning jog but it's raining. It's raining up till now. Oi! How am I gonna jog? @_@ Back to sleep first.



  1. @_@ still sleeping ah!!! Wake up amoi!!!!!! Smell the rain!!! hehehehehee...
    hahahahaaa.... =D

  2. amy: wake up liao lur...with a headache..paning aku mum suruh pg breakfast oh man still raining..i wonder banjir ka di luar tu XD

  3. rajinnya kau mo pigi jogging awal pagi

  4. Haaha... if ujan la yang best time to sleep. Sejuk-sejuk that syok tu;)

    You start to jog at 4?! Awalnya... ni mesti banyak stamina kan:D

  5. Sigh, i'm gonna blame the rain too!

    We're suppose to go to Tg. Aru for a college family day. But kena postpone.

    But anyway, I've gotten my extra sleep. haha!

  6. joan: i need to XD

    arm: er yeah my siblings yang kena kasi bangun ni XD

    donna: OMG, so true, wuah family day sioknya. At least it's not totally canceled rite? XD

  7. I would have gone back to sleep too ... LOL!

  8. san tot: spot jog no fun la

    nick: LOL siok bah tido sijuk sijuk