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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dinner at The Hut, Citymall

Since my parents are out of town, me, my sis and my bro (cubex) decided to eat mix grill at The Hut, Citymall. *slurps~

I used to go to The Hut at Damai a lot years back. I sort of don't remember how the fewd taste like. But I know I liked the Fish and Chips. But this time was different. I went and got myself Mix Grill dinner set which cost around RM28++.

Check em raves here.

This meal includes

A bowl of Soup of the Day! Today's soup is chicken mushroom soup. It's creme soup with chicken meats, mushroom, corn, carrot and some other stuff er spices? Best eat it while it's HOT! It's not like the usual thick creme soup. Slightly watery but it's aight for my taste.

Garlic bread. I can smell the garlic oh I love it so much.

Next course is the appetizer. Fried prawn with mayo. SCREW ALLERGIES! I'M EATING THIS! I love it! Not a big fan of mayo but I love deep fried stuff. *slurps~

And now we have our mix grill! Mix grill is actually a combination of single selected meal (Black Pepper lamb, Chicken Mushroom sauce and sirloin steak, I hope I spell that correctly). There's also a separate Fish dish that you could choose. Anyways, about the mix grill. We have a combination of those 3 I've just mentioned. Baked potato, some french beans, some carrots and chicken frank.

Out of those 3 my favorite was the Black Pepper lamb. The chicken was ogie. I think the sauce was a bit too strong for me. I mean the taste everything is there just that it doesn't really suit my taste. Erm, can't really make the taste of the beef, coz the sauce from the lamb was mixed XD So yeah I love the black pepper! Ogie fine, I'm sorry, I'm bias. I'm a big fan of black pepper sauce. Sue me! XD

The baked potato was dressed with mayo. Not mayo again. But I liked it after I remove all the mayo mwahhahaha.

Oh yeah, you get a selection of Tea/Coffee for your drink. Sorry no refills for this except cold water.

Last but not least. We have our desserts. A selection between a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip on top (medicine for massy *giggles) or coconut pudding. I had the ice cream instead NYUM!

I'm ready for jogging on Saturday!!!! XD

We went to 1Borneo again today for Daiso LOL! It's not me! It's my bro! He's the addict! OMG! He got this obsessive behavior that he must go to Daiso everyday! I only bought myself some batteries. HIM? Ask him wut he got for himself. I swear to god if he sees those ceramic kitties again he'll get em all. Lucky I was there last time to stop him.

I was home around 10pm. It's past midnite now and I haven't shower OMG! I need to do a blog post about our boardgame session with rule at uncle's house few nights ago. XD No worries. There's owez time. Fewd is way important. Right peeps?

Oh yeah, I even have this video of rule singing (he got himself rockband for ps3) which I'm gonna post soon MWAHHAHAHAHA.

Anyways, I need to shower now, been sneezing and coughing all day =_=" This sux


  1. Faster with the video eh! I need to see my out of tune singing.

    Simon Corwell (spl?): Horrendous with a capital H

  2. the hut.... since primary school, i still love it! HAHAHHA!

  3. rule: hahahahahahah LOL..wokeh dood...will do it later at work LOL

    yipi: XD so true so true

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    ui!!! sedap!!!black paper lamb!!

  5. vam vam yeawor my throat oso sedap XD

  6. mas, can i have ur email address?email me at .thanks! :D

  7. shana sure thing XD

  8. no mayo for me too!! i hate mayo! hehe.. lamanya sudah i didnt go to the hut.. so menyelerakan la!! aiyoo!

  9. syura: OMG same same..i love mustard though XD

  10. wah, ni yang best ni, trus lapar oh mau pi cari maggi la lapas ni hehe

  11. The food looks yummy. Nasib baik I sudah makan already, if not you'll hear my tummy growling ... LOL!

  12. LOL nick, but seriously sedap man the black pepper lamb *slurps~ XD