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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Feel + Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Last nite was so beautiful that I took out my camera to take some shots of it. But, sadly, my shots turn out fugly. *cries. If only I could capture that moment. That moment when it's full moon and it shines so bright that it brings chills to your spine.

Massy's imagination scenario:

It's halloween and witches flying on broom sticks.

*cough cough, back to reality. It's freaky-ish but it's kewl. Here's a shot of it. I'm sorry you guys have to endure this fugly shot I took.

On another note. I was watching Gokusen II till I stopped and created an animated avatar (of myself for the forum), ran ran ru version. Took me 1 hour and 9 layers to complete this in photoshop and imageready. What you guys think of my animated avatar? "Bidak" (ugly) kan?

If you guys don't know what Ran Ran Ru is, here's a video.

Btw, this was the one my bro showed me. Somebody did a remix out of it which is kinda funny.

Ran Ran Ru, is based off a McDonalds media gig in Japan.

Anyways, today is my mum's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday MUM!!! And her and dad just came back from China. She was kinda disappointed coz we told her we didn't manage to get her cake this year (we lied *giggles). We had a plan installed for her hehe.

Since my eldest sis didn't order a cake from her friend, me, my 2nd sis and my bro decided to get her one. We went to Damai. Big mistake. After work, HORRIBLE JAM! *cries. We actually wanted to get her a cake from Maple Cafe but they only do order (you need to order 1 day earlier than the actual birth date). And now we knows.

The funny part was when my mum smsed my bro asking where I was LOL. And my bro didn't tell her I was with him LOL. My eldest sis bought pizza for us and we got my parents some KFC. I can't have no more KFC, I had em last nite already. As we tried to distract my mum. My bro went and woke my dad up. Major distraction till my dad came down and change and he told my mum that we bought her a cake.

oreo cheesecake from Strawberry, Damai

my bro burnt his hands while trying to light the candles XD

This is the part where I run around screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!".

fail attempt to surprise mum, my bro breathe fire XD berasap his nose XD


Oh well, at least she's happy. Here's re-lit the candles again.

blows the candle on the spot LOL

Last but not least, the family photo.

Took me 3 attempts to get this shot right. Erm, tripod upstairs and I had to do it fast since my dad wanted to eat dinner.

I was surprised that the oreo cheesecake we got taste gewd! Love it!

I'm all stuffed now. *burps~


  1. Massy, ur pictures look nice. U use canon kah??

    Well, oreo cheesecake is one of my favs. Of course it taste gewd..hehe:)

  2. sabrina: this one I use my p&s canon A710 IS camera XD inda sempat go get my DSLR baru balik dari kerja bah ni. I'm slightly skeptic with some oreo cheesecake taste, but this one is nice. I love it XD

  3. Wah....cheeeeeeezcake!

  4. Oic, but all the pictures looks good, especially ur food pictures.

    I'll changes my birthday wish later...LOL! Hubby would die if i ask him for a Nikon D700..LOL!

  5. perry: yeap, we nearly got her yam cake but majority has spoken XD cheese cake it is XD

    sabrina: thanks! kumpul duit pelan pelan..u can do it! XD

  6. Happy birthday to Mas' mom! Moga panjang umur dan sihat selalu :) Oreo cheesecake?? Yummy!!

  7. i love cheesecake ! haha

  8. Nessa: XD thankie *hugs. Uh uh sedap oh the oreo cheesecake. *hand some to nessa

    elfie: XD me too! here some cheesecake for u too XD *hugs

  9. Ok what the pix. Perfect night for witches on broomsticks. But I think these days they use vacuum cleaners la ... LOL!

    Happy Birthdays Maslight's mommy :D

  10. nick: LOL omg, i'm gonna have new image on witches XD kuyak~ thankie *hugs

  11. ran ran ru XD

    so cute > massy's family picture *blush*

  12. awww ling ling *blush XD

  13. Love the avatar. So cute!! And oh.. Happy Birthday, auntie! :D

    Speaking about that moon, ohhh tell me about it. I also noticed the beautiful moon but I was out camping and all I had was my phone camera. Took a few shots but bida eh, even with the nightshot on. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  14. cin: thankie *hugs

    OMG so true, with my camera oso inda dapat zoom alah bidak oh T_T *sigh. I want to capture the moon! Bright full moon waw scary

  15. eeee..bestnyerr that cake...nyum nyuuuumm...

  16. xander: yeah mmg sedap tu XD

  17. happy birthday aunty...haha

  18. hahah thanks genova