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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being sick for 2 days is not fun

Sorry for the lacking of updates. I'm off work today. Thanks to everyone who commented and visited my blog.

I've been "bedridden" for almost 2 days. At a moment like this, how I wish I have water heater in my bathroom. I know I've showered with cold water almost all my life but it would be totally crazy to do so when you're down with the fever. So instead of going through all that, we do it old fashion. Boil water from the kettle. Ahhh I feel better already.

The funniest part about being sick is that some of us who can't consume tend to find ways to consume. I think I lost some kg from being sick. Don't worry. I'm not starving myself, I'm eating. But since normal fewd taste a bit weird, I've created my own recipe for dinner. To make a less than 5 minute soup. Add rice + hot water + soy sauce + pepper to a bowl. There you go, the perfect dinner for massy. Well at least I could taste some pepper and soy sauce?

On another note, sorry Chris, was suppose to meet you tonite for Sasuka's goodies but don't think I'm fit enough to go out. I might make you guys sick in return *sigh. Uncle, I'm counting on you to get those stuff to me! XD Thanks uncle! You're the best!

Oh yeah, from my previous post. I've gotten some To Love Ru figures from Moe Yume, I might sell off the Misa look alike to my bro. I don't even know about this anime but I like the other 2 characters I bought coz they look cute.

I've also gotten some wooden miniature set. Uh oh! I need chairs! Notice the color difference? Actually those are 2 different incomplete sets. *sigh, why can't they display all at once? Gimme some frigging chairs man! Oh yeah, ignore the re-ment set meal. I got that as one of my birthday present. Hmm come to think of it. I don't really have much food miniatures. Tempted to get 1 set of chinese dish ones but I can't get it this month. I spent too much already. I mean seriously. I've been spending like running water this month. OMG! What happened to budgeting? @_@"""

Ow, my dad is coming back from Jakarta today. I wonder what he's gonna bring back this time!


  1. Hey, I got sick from cold water & not to mention late showers every time too! Hope u get well soon Massy!

    P/s Your collection of miniature goodies are oh-sOo-cute! :)

  2. hope u get well soon..

  3. eudora: thanks. Yeah, i'm trying to force myself to boil water XD in this rainy season, it's too crazy to shower in cold water. and thanks. I love em miniatures XD

    ceara: thanks

  4. Wow cute miniatures!! Macam sia mau gigit-gigit oh. Hahaha!

    Sorry to hear you were sick. I haven't been feeling very well the past 2 days too. But tidak lah sampai bed-ridden.

    Get well soon, Mas! :)

  5. Get well soon, :) will always be around :)

  6. cin: uish jangan ko gigit kayu XD u know i actually smell the wood, till my bro scold me not to. @_@""" anyways yeah, i'm feeling slightly better now except my throat macam sot sot.

    greg: thanks.

  7. Hope u'll be ok soon. Soon as in after-ur-dad-reach-home-and-bring- gift-to-you..hehe

  8. Oh!! Its definitely not fun being sick!! Usually when I had the first sign of getting sick, i'll immediately popped a meds to prevent myself sickness from worse. Well, its not good actually but, i just cannot risk myself getting sick with 2 kids to take care.
    But..yeah..its good to know you are feeling better already..

  9. mell: hehehehe i'm partially well today. thanks *hugs. and yeah, my dad got me something XD hehehehe

    kadus mama: thanks, yeah, i popped some pills for 2 days already, add for another day XD to recover

  10. weeeheee so cute!!so where u keep all this? =D

  11. amy: currently i got em bagged nicely in those sealed plastic bags. need to find part of cabinet for it XD

  12. That sucks! Get well soon, ok?

  13. Hi Mas! Sori to hear you're feeling unwell. Ba, rajin2 makan ubat... kasi kurang blogging... hehe

    Wooden miniature set = me like very much!! :D

  14. Nessa: I'm well oledi thank yew..alah blogging inda bulih kurang..nanti bertimbun in reader XD

    Me rike wooden miniature set too XD