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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updates so far...

There was a Fruit Juice outing at Fruit Monster, Lintas last nite. I skipped this outing coz I don't feel like going. Ogie, it's a rainy season. I turned into a bigger sloth when it does *giggles. I end up sleeping early too.

Anyways, some photos from the outing, courtesy of Shadow.

We (me, my 2nd sis and my bro) had planned for jog today. Well, the plan was to go around 4:30am. I woke up around 3am. Darn it! Too early, alarm haven't go off yet. *sigh. Slept till 4am, wake up again, waited and finally got into the shower around 4:30am. Guess what? Both my siblings aren't up yet. OMG! I woke them up around before 5am. Am I the only one who's pumped with all this?! Adei~ *weak~.

We left the house around 5:30am. I'm so excited. I walked 4 rounds only T_T *weak~ Not enuff breath. Will try to go early again tomorrow. I'm going to uncle's place for Runebound expansion! Woopie! XD

There'll be a brunch outing at Green Park Cafe tomorrow around 10am. Anyone wanna join us, please do XD

Don't know how to get there? Click this link.

Till then, OMG wut's with this hot weather?


  1. rajinnya you ber-jogging =D

  2. elfie: haf to force myself to. I gained too much during raya season XD