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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Backdated post: IRTeA Family & Friends Xmas Party

Remember when I was away on 26th till 28th of December 2007? Well, it was becoz of this.

Borneo Golf and Beach Resort, Bongawan.

Check out the program listing, here.

We went off at 10am or was it 11am? Dun remember that well. But sent my sis to work before.

Dropped by fruit stalls along the road. So expensive. So lil for RM2. But it was worth it! Tasty!

Reach there around 1pm, I think and it was hot. So very hot. If you're staying there, please make sure u go to the lobby first before going to the chalet to get ur key. ^^;;

While waiting for my bro for the key, saw this cat. It's a she! She looked like mumu oh. And so friendly. I took few shots of her and walked away, she followed me XD so cute!

Here's some of the view in the room. It ish so ZEN like~ me likey~ At this point, mas is a bit hyper.

oh the bed. nice~ my problem was the pillow. 1 soft 1 hard @_@ then if u ask for extra matress? it's those very thin type (this is so not cool).

We went to the lobby area at around 4pm. Yes, by car, too hot to walk man. (notice the big tree trunk? I'm still curious why it's there)

Decorate shoe box competition. I forgot the details. So creative. Check my facebook photos for more of these kewl shoe boxes designs.

this is too cute. hand painted!!!! seriously! my mum bought the "kerbau" one from IRT's aunt

Surprise competition, a group of 5. OMG! Fixing this takes time and it was hard T_T my bro did most of it! Wow~ Well at least we didn't finish last ^^;;

Decorate candles competition:

Mask competition:

Everyone displaying their mask and model with it *rofl.

@_@ at this point, I think I wanna faint already. Too many photos to choose from and to describe. Anyways, juz go to my facebook link below. You'll get wut I mean.

Overall this was a great party! Well except the lack of participation from me coz I sucked with crowds. Maybe next time I would. XD We won't know hehehe. Thanks IRT for inviting me to join this party.

More photos, here.


  1. hey..mas...i went there before to do some cabling for their computers and server..hehe..but tak sangka ada kucing plak sana...mcm best plak party kamurang tu ahh..hehe..

  2. skyroptix: yeah. tu got one lady was like telling us, kesian tu kucing.. XD kekekeke i would adopt it but i can't i got nearly 20 cats at home ^^;;

    anyways, yeah the party was nice XD

  3. wahhhhhhh...the decorate the candles competition so cool one lah....

  4. chegu: yes, i was surprised oh XD kekekekeke...i tot like normal candles ni..sekali @_@ wow~ *speechless