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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ravejoint Outing and Dungeon & Dragons (D&D)

This is gonna be a very long blog post.

For those who missed out Julian as Guest DJ for Sabah Vfm moment, click here. Thanks to zero for this copy.

I was suppose to go out early, I wonder why I was late @_@ yes, I was late. Gomen ppl, thanks for waiting for me. T_T We arrived at Wawasan Plaza at around 11am-ish. Well maybe it was around 11:30am?

Planned this outing since the 15th January 2008, a rave outing to Ssam Station, FYI, it's korean fewd, check out our discussion thread here (there's also a menu there hehe). Surprisingly nobody raved about this kewl place. @_@ no worries. I'll do the honor. XD Loved the interior and the fewd presentation + fewd *thumbs~

Check out some raves here.

this is a must try dish! seriously! this is called Do Si Rak. there's a selection of beef, chicken and seafood. a regular bento cost RM13.80 and a deluxe one cost RM23.80. as some said, the beef/chicken = heaven XD

my first visit to this place, i tried the ra-myun noodles (chicken). this cost RM7.80. i'm quite ogie with it. slightly disappointed coz it's not spicy T_T but the chicken omg i lurve~ well actually i choose this coz i scared i can't finish if i ordered rice XD low on appetite T_T (sucks to be me *tsk~), actually i wanted to try the kimchi fried rice hehe, but scared my stomach can't take it hehe XD

this is called Bi-bim-bap (fragranced steam rice. spicy) - RM 9.80 i'm speechless when i saw this. coz it's too cute to look at XD yes something must be really wrong with massy hehe @_@

Wut? Only 2 photos of me? *sigh

We were there till around past 1pm. We went to Mindslaver at KAC after that for Dungeons & Dragon (D&D) session by kcishere. Actually today's session is for noobs. Hehe. No, I did not play, I'm documenting it, and I'm the OBSERVER!

First thing to do, is to create your character, well obviously u need the character sheet.

well, juz like in the games, u need to name ur character, the race (human/orc/elf/dwarf and etc), class (druid, cleric, barbarian, paladin, rogue and etc). this took them 3-4 hours. @_@

That's not the only thing you have to think of, you have to have at least some characteristics to how your character behave, look like, his/her background etc etc.

*uhuk uhuk, here's the player's handbook. *tempted tempted~

filling the character sheet. ahh now i remember, it's cubex's hand XD

the players and the DM *cough

dias playing dementium: the ward on ds. urgh punya men laju! chapter 5 or more tu T_T i only reach chapter 2 man *sigh. nvm, i play FF mwahhaha XD

Well, since I know that I won't be gewd at explaining some of these stuff, might as well go here.

For more photos, click here.

Took some photos of fewd at Anjappar, check it, here.

Pretty much it. Will post up more photos at my facebook album soon. Tonite too tired. Enjoy reading! XD


  1. DO SI RAK looks nice!!

    big meal!! wow.. delicious la

  2. chrischam: yes it is nice! next time i wanna try dat one XD kekekek they said it felt like heaven XD i mean the chicken / beef XD