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Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got tagged by acom. No worries, it's a short one. I'll do it tomorrow morning or maybe later. Since I'm too excited from today's outing.

Cloverfield is a 2008 American monster movie produced by J. J. Abrams, directed by Matt Reeves, and written by Drew Goddard. Source: Wikipedia.

Here's a less than 5 mins spoiler. Well actually I watched this before, so I got the idea of wut this movie about XD

TEAM VERTIGO VS CSP in CLOVERFIELD was suppose to be a challenge to Julian a.k.a sotong. I'm there to document it, I mean take photo of him vomiting. *kidding!

More reviews from the forumers, here.

But before planning to watch, please dun ignore this note/sign. Pinjam ah, gambar sepa amik ni?

The idea was to follow my bro, but I end up driving myself T_T kesiannya. Oh well. I missed out American Idol audition for this man!

Enuff of dat, here's some before the movie shots of sotong.

he's ready! well, i think he's having 2nd thoughts XD

I won't give any reviews, but maybe I'll put a spoiler in the forum hmm see how it goes. Actually, I brought along 2 plastic bags for ppl who feel like vomiting XD *rofl.

After 1 and half hours, well, I was hoping it would be longer a bit maybe? XD Here's some shots of him after the movie.

he vomited! nolah..kidding XD

see, he still can pose bah

Everyone else oso can! XD WE SURVIVED!

After the movies, we had some discussion, outside the cinema. *rofl. Can't get enuff XD

We continue our discussion at Salim after that. And had an exclusive interview by kcishere. See after watching Cloverfield still can eat roti telur. *rofl

Wait for some blog posts from kcishere, sotong and doridori.

More photos, here.

Overall, it was fun! And funny! I enjoyed watching it XD Dun mind watching it again *rofl


  1. where's this cinema?

  2. where's this cinema?

  3. opps..pen pen..forgot to mention, we went to growball bah XD

  4. cloverfield is a fraking cool vblog inspired style movie. some might not like it but i think this is sort a new approach in cinematography compared to the still and steady way. they do it very realistic in a surreal event.

    guess what, they used a Sony CineAlta F23 high-definition video for filming. ^_^

  5. Sony CineAlta F23 high-definition video <-- this i know XD kekekek awesomeness! too kewl and funny XD

  6. Arghhh!! Stupid freaking movie! I had to squint throughout!!! But, I'm still alive, and my eyes are in perfect working order. :P

  7. hahahhahaha acom warned me..but i enjoyed it XD

  8. naomi2:00 PM

    crazy cloverfield... like no ending... i was like "dats all?"... adoiiiii!!! paninggg me... *toink*

  9. naomi hehhehe XD sabar ko XD