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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Life for massy

Yesterday went jogging with my bro at Likas Park. Well, we had 3 rounds for an hour. Leg pain only start at nite. My sleeping hours has been screwed since the new year. This time I sleep with the lights on and woke up around 5am @_@ ogie wut's wrong with me?

The kittens are growing up. And are so cute! XD me lurve.

Took some photos yesterday after came back from jogging. Waking up early does give me a gewd feel! Maybe I should do dat more often!

I'm hungry now! Hmmm wut should I do? Maybe I'll haf my morning tea.


  1. i oso lama ody didn't go jogging running shoes now just accessory in my car booth. kesian kan.

  2. haha..nice healthy lifestyle must do more often

  3. chegu: but u fit oh...i FAT! T_T

    sir george: yesh! i need jogging partner only XD

  4. Wow, it has been ages since I landed my foot at Likas Park..The last time I went there was when I'm still in Secondary School..Btw, I love too sleep and I never experience waking up early in the morning..If I'm awake, it only takes me a few minutes to go back to sleep..hehe..

  5. ceara: lets go'll make u feel refreshed!!! XD

  6. i normally jogging at ujana rimba tropika. i target 3 x per month. buang toksin katakan :(

  7. tanakwagu: er ujana rimba tropika? mana tu? ^^;;