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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

M'sia Dotcom Youth Search

This come in very short notice.

We haf less than 2 days left! VOTE FOR RAVEJOINT!

How? Juz click the "Vote for me" button at the right of the page. Sometimes it doesn't appear =_=" try going into the page again >_<"

Ganbatte Ravejoint!!!! More infos, visit Youth Search.

Current votes

Paul Tan's Automotive News Votes: 4051
Anggugu Forum Votes: 3343
eMenang - Contest for Malaysian & The World Votes: 2640 Votes: 2527
Rave Joint Votes: 2388
LiewCF Tech Blog Votes: 2379
Magic garage Votes: 2322
Skor Career Votes: 2267
Myvi Owners Club Votes: 2255
Mount Kinabalu Votes: 2238


  1. Thanks for the votes! It doesn't matter if we win or not. With ppl like you supporting Ravejoint, we 'win' already =)

  2. *lol dx..wokeh..u can blanja me makan liao XD *rofl XD add more raves weeeeeeeeee