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Friday, January 18, 2008

Julian as Guest DJ on Sabah V FM

Well juz to remind everybody, that "sotong" a.k.a Julian will be a Guest DJ for Sabah V fm tonite. The show starts at 11:15pm till midnite.

Radio frequency: 92.7fm

Or you could listen to it via winamp.

Some instructions:

open winamp
go to shoutcast
and search for sabah v fm
click on it and it will autoplay in winamp

or go to their official website

Here's the discussion thread, click me.


  1. hi mas!
    Long time no comment! I'll be sure to catch Julian in the radio! hehe...could u giv me some pointers on how 2 liste to local music stations such as via winamp?

  2. lucy!

    oh easy..u juz click link

    make sure u haf winamp XD

  3. Babun. I missed it.

  4. ada di forum no worries XD