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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch Outing

I took the day off for this!!! XD

Acom dun scold me. U come back I promise i go with u XD

Anyways, today went to Wan Wan for lunch with doridori, rob-jr and gnd.

Anyone who never been there, should go and try! It's located along the road pass Beverly to Penampang, well it's actually before the traffic light. On your left.

We were there since around 11am-ish, and moved to Big Apple at Citymall right after. Yes I had 2 Iceberg donut but it wasn't enuff T_T *cries

And not forgetting I got my copy of the mars-and-uranus artbook. Finally! Autographed! YES!

Oh yes and I is cut my hair @_@ The hairstylist wrongly cut my hair super short @_@


  1. Walaooooo... Macam sedap tapi ??? XD

    Si gnd looks like young Craig David XD

  2. I was about to ask if you cut your hair.. until you mentioned it in the end. Eh, nice also wat? :-P

    WAH that iceberg donut looks nice! I thought it was snow at first. :-P

  3. nic: *Rofl tapi? tapi wut?

    cin: yeah iceberg donut from big apple...the icing and vanilla, it's like u bite on ice XD nice XD

  4. all are wan wan food lovers too.. i have not been there for so long...aiya your post make me wanna go pula..tapun.

    the last time i went big apple, the duren duren belum ready..aiya, rugi betul.

  5. I hate my brother!!! Argh!!!

  6. deana: hehehehe...yeah i went to big apple for iceberg sija ni XD oh my fren had the duren duren..i dun think i can take duren duren one..anyways omg, yeah i go there once awhile coz it's too far! T_T

    acom: hehehehe sabar ko sabar XD we go together gether when u're back aight XD *muax~

  7. U is needing a trip on the Titanic to meet your Iceberg :P

  8. emm... i have been eating at wan-wan ever since it was in Beverly Hills then to its brach at Nosoob (closed already)... then here in Bundusan... but I have problem with this place when it moved to Bundusan... u see... you can park your car at the back of their shop... and you can see all the fish... including the left over... but what BAFFLED me is that... there are no FLYs lah!!!... becoz of that... I seldom go there... unless someone 'mengidam wan wan' and blanja me...

  9. chucky: but iceberg is nice T_T

    swordie: hahahah never realized dat, coz we normally park in front XD

  10. I like! I'm faaaaaaaaaaat(ter)! :D

  11. naomi2:06 PM

    i was thinking to go there yesterday massy... me oso craving for the tomyam... "tomyam mee isi ikan"... kakaka...

    swordie: no flys??? ya kan, i didn't realized that... but geli la to walk from the back juga. pa bleh buat, no parking odi.

  12. bing: hahhahaha *rofl XD

    naomi: yeawor...urgh~ itu sijalah..parking bikin panas XD