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Friday, August 01, 2008

August: The Mark of a Great Month

Well at least I hope so.

This is when the pieces of puzzles are put into 1 big picture. Yeah I'm not really sure what I'm talking about. Ogie fine, I was not planning to talk about the month of August and what's is installed for me. Actually I had a flashback to when I had my 1st nose piercing on 1st August few years back. It was during my 2nd or 3rd year at college which was around year 2000 or 2001. I actually had it till 2005 (if I remember correctly). And no, I don't have it anymore. I blame the "retard" who forced me to take it off.

Oh well at least I had fun when I had it. How I freaked some people by pulling it in and out of my nose *rofl. That was fun. The look on their faces are priceless. Gosh how I wish I still have it XD

Anyways, not only the month of August is the month where all the Sabah bloggers gather, it is also my birth month (PRESENTO!!! GIMME PRESENTO!!! XD $_$) and uh uh I'm going for holiday end of the month! XD Weeeeeeeee.

So yeah, it's pretty much a great month as of this moment. And I'm not letting anyone or anything spoil it!

Till then, have fun people! XD


  1. hehehe ada org promo b'day, bah bah nanti carik present klu sia ada duit..hahahaha

  2. xander: wakkakakakkakakaka *rofl...ko blanja tea pun bulih...tea *__*

  3. You had your nose pierced? Owwwww, I would have fainted ... LOL!

    Happy weekend :D

  4. nick: lol yeah I did..*rofl you'll have a gewd weekend too..and thanks XD

  5. i dun mind girls with nose piercing..

    unless they have 10 on each!

  6. u dun need that much la of each la baru cun XP