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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fruit Outing + Early Birthday??? O.o?

Dori/Ed was nice enuff to let me play with his newly bought Canon 450D since after Sabah Bloggers Gathering (SBG). I could get used to this. But it was not until last nite (the day of the "phats" (eight)) that I found a new "love". The 50mm lens owns by non other than zero/radzie himself *kicks. Uber poison.

I love it so much that I'm in that "thinking" state again. DONATE TO MASSY'S FUND!!!! *points wish list.

Anyways, lets erm proceed to what I did last night. It was the August fruit juice outing at Tg. Aru again. The purpose of a fruit outing is to "de-stress"!!!! The plan was to go to the beach early. I mean like around 6pm from home, but I was late =_=" coz somebody was late. *sigh. *stress mode ON. I saw that beautiful sky with a uber beautiful sunset burst! But when I finally reach there, which is after 6:30pm O.O!!!! GG! I didn't get the shot I wanted. Major disappointment *sigh. But heck, I got myself a large glass of dragonfruit juice. MWAHHAHAHAHA. Skip dinner people! Trust me, I ate dinner once and had this large glass of watermelon juice after, I bloated man! Check out em raves here.

this big glass of dragonfruit juice cost RM5 ONLY! but er, it taste a bit like sugar cane. too sweet for massy @_@

fried dumplings filled with egg + onions + mushrooms

Uh oh, and guess what, my friends decided to celebrate me and dias's b'day early. Dias's birthday is suppose to be on Sunday (same date as PapaJ's twin? Ngam ka this?) and my birthday will be on Monday. I got presents!!! Thanks everyone!!! I love it!!!

What I got?
A limited edition pinky street figure, OMG! I dun wanna open this! =_="""" and re-ments. Well actually I got some other stuff but I traded with dias mwahhaha. Yes, since I love re-ments better.

some of the gifts I got

I feel so lucky. Wait for dori/Ed's post for the photos. Or everyone else who came, like radzie and jack? XD Photos photos. I'll post some up at my facebook later.

Panja was eating peanuts and was arranging the peanut shells on the table which somehow to me look like erm, look for yourself.

Uh oh, we went to BTC at Lintas to hang out till midnite. Uncle tried on Irene's glasses/spectacle. This is how he look like. Sorry for the blurry shot. @_@

What you think? Pass or Fail?

Overall it's a fun night. What the fat? phat? 8 (eight) XD


  1. Someone (or two) wasn't able to finish their glass last night...

  2. Goodness Gracious!

    Moar poison!!!!

  3. IRT: GG!!!!

    panja: uh uh..I know I know..*points at ppl...but not me! I pinish my dragonfruit eventhough it's as sweet as sugar cane @_@

    duck: I is hates =_="""

  4. punya angkat bakul ni uncle!

  5. I love playing with cameras, but I am personally a Nikon fan. Hehehe

  6. Itu gambar peanut ba, i've tried to think sekuning-kuningnya pun i still cant get it. Innocent la kenen. Kesian. =D

  7. mell: omg does this mean my otak damn kuning? noooooooooooooooo @_@

  8. I heard 400D way better than 450D. I don;t know... Maybe you should check the spec and a hands on evaluation.

    Bigger number doesn't mean better version.

  9. saiful: i did a comparison before but at this point i can't remember..but the resolution 450d is definitely higher..but i'll double check before making my choice XD

  10. 450D is definitely better than the 400D. Chucky, who is a 400D user, said that himself.

    I tried both camera and 450D is significantly lighter than the 400D.

    There are functions where 400D lacks as well.

    The only difference is, 400D using the CF.. which till now, people still prefer using CF rather than the SDHC on the 450D.

    But in the end, its all about what camera u prefer.

  11. Happy besdey! Looks like you had a juicy one.

  12. thanks kay..astaga dori