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Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday without a cake

I have tons of birthday wishes from friends on facebook, sms, my blog and msn messages. Thanks everyone *hugs~ I would like to mention every single one of you guys who wishes me "Happy Birthday", but I'm not that crazy. It a super long list. You know who you are people! I was gonna blog about it this morning but the internet connection at work turned GG. Ogie, sorry, the correct word would be, something wrong with the hub, so I sent it for fix.

Anyways, back to the earlier thought of how I planned to celebrate or in other words spend my "special day".

The first song that came up to my mind was

I have no idea why this song. But the first verse should fit pretty much how I feel? XD

Since the internet line is down. I was playing Space Invader and Taiko no Tatsujin on DS. It's 1 day man. Seriously. I can't even bare to look at the computer without an internet line coz I can't blog hop. GAWDDAMMIT! =_=" *annoyed~ Yes, I was playing deaf. I was getting on msn through my handphone but the the telephone service sucked the credit so badly that I sign out after awhile. Did try browsing to facebook, my blog and the forum earlier but the loading was bad. I mean seriously! Ogie fine! It's not that bad.

I've even wrote something for my blog. It's the case where I call myself as a 3rd person. Yes I know. It was so terrible that I had this song in my head.

Again, please don't ask me why these songs are playing in my head.

Exactly how I felt earlier. So not referring to the song @_@

I don't think this is the 1st time I've celebrated my birthday without a cake. It's not like I celebrate it every year. But I sort of was hoping for it this year T_T *sigh. But, guess what? This year? NO CAKE! *cries.

I somewhat feel depressed. I know I get money and gifts and all, but I want a frigging cake! XD I had my wishes planned. Noooooooooo T_T I wanted a cheese cake! *cries.

Guess what I did? I was complaining at my mum and I manage to convince her to order 2 large pizza as my cake! Place em candles there! And make sure the numbers is correct! Hmph~ "kijam!!!" T_T

At of this point, my day sux. I know, I'm complaining again. I sound like a brat now.

Ogie fine! It doesn't XD I guess I'm just bummed out coz I didn't have a cake XD NOT ANYMORE!

no need cut cake, easy peasy, just pull it! XD nyum~

Note to self: "Gotta start on a diet plan or maybe exercise hmm"

Last but not least. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASSY XD

massy is happy! XD

Thanks again ppl! *hugs~


  1. steady lah aunty with the pizza cake thingy. first time sia tengok gitu punya barang.

    happy birthday to my fave aunty!

  2. Happy Birthday Massy~~~ *hugs*

  3. Oh no!! Pizza........ I want!!!! Minta....... Mas....... A Greetingz tukar with A Pizza. Heh!! Heh!!!

  4. uncle: u're my fav uncle! XD buy me cake! XD cupcake pun jadi! XD hehehe kidding. yah!!! padulik! no cake, i make pizza as cake! weeeeeeeee XD

    irene: tq XD *hugs

    boo: hahahahaha...take la..still got ni..since 2 large..oh i'm so full XD

  5. happy happy happy birthday...!!!!!

  6. oh massy...ur bday? when? aiyo, sorry this chegu didnt know.
    but hey...thats cool 'bday cake'u had there...ok for bday cake. hehe...

    happy birthday to you!!

  7. chegu: no worries's today XD 1 hour to go XD yes, i got a pizza cake like thinggie XD weeeeeeeeeee thanks again *hugs

  8. Happy Bestday Massy... Amy yg bgtau sia bestday ko ni...

  9. hey mas... happy belated Birthday to you.. hehehe.. soooo sorry my friend..

  10. I saw a very happy Bday girl with lotsa presents at bobidom's blog.

    Hope you like them and Happy Belated Bday mas !

  11. Uik!

    Happy Birthday!

    May All Your Wishes Come True


  12. happy belated bday!!
    d pizza look!

  13. thanks justine XD

    thanks fallenone

    thanks cicak

    thanks marmalade XD

  14. happy birthday !. oops, i am a little late. but do spare me some pizza ya :)

  15. ami3 s107:34 AM

    aiyak!! oops from me too! Happy Belated Birthday gurl! hugs hugs!! :D

  16. huh??!! Pizza replacin the cake??!!!1st time i see oh...hehehe...but wats important, u happy kan massy... XD

    wah!last pic u look so photogenic

  17. genova: hehehehehe...thanks XD

    amie: thankie *hugs hugs

    amy c: hehehehe yah!!!!! itu time tension coz nobody bought a cake for me at home. after an hour of me whine baru and suggested to get pizzas as cake xD 2 pizza somemore mwahhahahaha...yah!!! sot massy dis..anyways i dun think i'm photogenic at all XD

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Massy!!!! *hugs* Ndak payah cake pun okay bah. The pizza looks good! Hehehe

    Hope you had fun!

  19. that's one special birthday "cake"

  20. happy birthday! pizza looks good!

  21. rozie: thanks *hugs!!!

    jna: hahahah yes yes..this year "special"

    viv: thanks *hugs yeah it taste gewd too XD

  22. emelda4:40 PM

    Happy birthday Massy!! N i like your sunny cantik oh..biggggggggggg!!! :D