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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Organizing

I got few pending post in mind. But before I proceed with those posts, I'm gonna organize my blog feeds, in other words, I actually don't have everyone in my Google Reader. So yeah, I'm organizing it, categorizing it and of coz as a backup just in case something happen to that blog list. I would go crazy if I lost my feed links. Well it's not a matter of life and death but it's one of my routine.

Anyways, please bare with me while I finish up and do check the feeds at the Sabahan Blogger Facebook Group, under Posted Items. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh yeah, for those who wanted to eat Claypot Chicken Rice or Laksa from Yee Fung at Gaya Street this week, forget it, it's close =_=" until the 22nd! I think they went for holiday or something T_T


  1. I don't have everyone in Google Reader either, and I want to change that back to the way it was before. :-)

    You're on my G Reader btw...

  2. Dan yeah I added around 160++ bloggers in my list. It's the easiest way I could think of to keep track and I'm updating the links coz some links are dead T_T

    Oh yeah you're in my reader too XD

  3. thanks add my feed,,but not activated rss,,thanks before..see u" massy XD

  4. you're most welcome wis XD

    yeah it doesn't detect rss T_T

  5. OMG *laughs*

    Kau buli oh kan buat "pending posts". Kalau aku, lupa sudah tu.

  6. i totally respect kaulah massy. U have all this time and still remember to do all those things. kau jgn lupa saya sudahlah ok hehe.

  7. his face is flawless (Yazer)
    i wondering laa massy
    what kind of skincare product that he used…
    kalau ndak ada model pompuan sudah untuk iklan shampooo
    boleh panggey yazer…sikat guna jari jer rambutnya tu…

  8. compy: yes, pending posts gets to me sometimes that i gotta finish it up XD

    papaJ: coz my work doesn't require that much time lol, besides yah i got too much free time to be exact, i'm filling it with blogging XD no worries bah papaJ, mana bulih lupa u oh

    angriani: lol yeah bulih tu...i wonder too, pigi buat facial everyday kot? @_@

  9. use . It'll help

  10. I am using feedburner tapi seldom use it hahahahah XD