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Thursday, August 14, 2008

massy thinks tmNUT is NUT

As much as a person love their home country. This is something that makes me hate it. What am I talking about? Easy, it's the dumb internet connection provided by our local service provider, TMNut! Coz their services sux big time! I bet I'm not the only one who complains about this, sotong's post about this is a bit disturbing but I've got sessions where I was redirected to the TMNut Speedmeter site when I tried browsing. Which is kinda GG if you ask me.

image leeched from sotong's post *cough cough. pinjam boss

Heck remember the time I complained about the connection at work? Not being able to online for 3-4 days?! Ogie, I can online at work already but I keep on disconnected every now and then which is also GG!

They (em NUT) should find ways to improve their services, not just promoting and adding more users making everyone else paying a connection that's suck arse =_="

At this point, I'm just too annoyed from constant disconnection *sigh. FUDGE IT FUDGE IT!

And yes sotong, I keep seeing you on and offline on msn. @_@""""

On another note, for those who visit my blog but is not in my blogroll, please drop me a message, so I can "roll" you to my list? Thanks. And I'll be updating feeds to the Sabahan Blogger facebook Group (everyday if I got time, which I do *giggles).

Well this is not entirely my blog post for today. I was planning to write up some stuff 2 days ago but I'm bz with some other stuff. Will try to post that up soon. I'm gonna play Arkham Horror Boardgame tonite mwahhahahahahaha. XD


  1. TMNet has this habit of trying to sign up as many people as they can on their network knowing too well that they cannot sustain them all yet they don't give two hoots about the peoples woes! All they're interested in is making money and pretending that they are the best service provider in Malaysia.

    With that said and done, I'm thankful that I'm with Jaring :D Hope the connection improves for you soon ...

  2. nick: wonder u're not affected, but aren't jaring is under NUT? *curious XD

  3. We can only watch in envy as countries like Korea (fibre!) and Singapore (100Mbps) put us to shame. Sigh.

    I dislike TM Nut, especially their customer service, who always seem to blame equipment and take days to respond. Their answer seems to be taken off some answer manual. Bollocks!

    What choice do we have? At least third party companies, though they may least from TM, provide BETTER customer service.

  4. If you haven't notice has collections of streamyx hater's banner. Shout get one for your blog. :)

  5. Tm nut being an arse. The good thing is (currently) we're playing arkham horror.

  6. this few days its real bad.. maxis also very bad.. what happened...? my house cannot access maxis 3g... need to walk a few meters outside.... haiz...

  7. Dan: I know wut u mean! Whenever they ask me to check the hardware, I told them I did all the troubleshooting there is so it'll be their mistake and it's not mine hahahaha rusak.

    sunsoron: hahahahah aight dood, I'll check it out Lol

    jna: NUT indeed

    dori: yeapers man. we played arkham horror

    clement: oh man, I seriously have no idea why T_T

  8. macam sial kan!! bikin temper betul oh especially these past few days!

  9. limadang.com1:00 AM

    Massy: I agreee tmnut is nut arhhhh!!!tension!

  10. and I thought getting my PC back in 'proper health' was good, haha!..

    bah, since tht com' sia 'sihat' sudah, siap dah my post!..pi sana have fun..ngee hee hee...

    ok sleep time...buhbye ..

  11. syura: yahhhhhhhhh!!! bikin panas!!!!!

    limadang: yeah i oso tension keep on dc ni budu eh

    xander: cis, urang msg no wonder x reply, hmph~ sudah se check. macam in a rush punya post XP

  12. No, Jaring is under Mimos and I've been using their broadband wireless service for years now without any connection problems and when there is a problem, their customer service is pretty professional and gets things sorted out in a jiffy. Check them out, they just might save you some heartaches... They also have wired broadband by the way. Gee, I sound like salesman from Jaring la ... LOL!

  13. Tmnet sux... i prefer jaring also sames like nick. Jaring connection much more better than tm and they secure their connection 24/7 but not like tmnet...try get one of their ip and send them a packet (ddos in other word) many people will have to restart their modem hahahaha. Sames like singapore, its fast but not secure though. Jaring it's better. Long Live Jaring!! (I'm using jaring for my home connection but celcom for mobile browsing )

  14. nick: hahahahah yeah man..u really sound like one...

    aj: wahhhhh..i want a fast stable connection..dumb NUT

  15. massy try jaring..hehehe if not try install some cable from backbones in europe.. hahahahaha

  16. aj: install cables? @_@ *blinks..i'll check dat out XD

  17. I'm on Celcom 3G. My place got 3G so I used it. At least better compares to my office streamyx.

    At home. still use streamyx coz no 3G there... but at home faster pulak.